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entropy in bloom
In where Luo Binghe is the next in line to the throne and his mentor is a very displeased Shen QingQiu.
author:dearly_anonymous  2019  wc:5-10k  =scum.villain  *bing-ge/shenjiu  royalty  humiliation  historical.AU 
15 days ago by claudine
A Thorn Amongst the Flowers
The original Shen Qingqiu meets with a stranger fate than the one cooked up by Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky.
wc:10-15k  author:DrunkServal  2019  =scum.villain  *bing-ge/shenjiu  wip  humiliation  forced.marriage  canon.AU  dub-con 
4 weeks ago by claudine
prisonverse by helens78
Bill's a guard; Liam and Sean are prisoners at Gage Correctional Center. When Sean's old friend Jason shows up, the power structures are a little bit disrupted.
actor_rpf_au  billfitchner/liamneeson  billfichtner/seanbean  jason/liam  jasonisaacs/liamneeson/cillianmurphy  helens78  prison  humiliation  watersports  wordcount:10.000-19.999  to_read 
6 weeks ago by tittakv
Dual Cultivation or Date
“Shizun said I made you feel so good,” Luo Binghe says, “that I could fuck you any time I wanted.”

Liu Qingge stops breathing for a second.

“What,” he blurts out.

Shen Qingqiu could tell he’d been into it?!
2019  wip  author:acernor  =scum.villain  porn  post-canon  D/s  humiliation  voyeurism  *liuqingge/luobinghe  *liuqingge/luobinghe/shenqingqiu  wc:10-15k 
8 weeks ago by claudine
Dual Cultivation or Die
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Fuck or die, but Shizun's injured... Liu Qingge, hero that he is, says that he'll take the dick in his place.

Luo Binghe tries to fuck him hard enough that he forgets about his thing for Shen Qingqiu.

Shen Qingqiu has to sit there and watch.
2019  =scum.villain  author:acernor  fuck.or.die  wc:5-10k  post-canon  porn  *liuqingge/luobinghe/shenqingqiu  humiliation  D/s  *liuqingge/luobinghe 
9 weeks ago by claudine
Grand follies and the art of thinking big
February 22, 2019 |Financial Times| by Janan Ganesh.

Who would rather that Airbus had never made the bet at all? Who would live in a world that never risks over-reach?

A defender of grand follies is spoilt for examples that turned out well........Today’s vainglorious travesty is tomorrow’s untouchable fixture of the landscape. We are lousy judges of future tastes, including our own....Even if an audacious project fails, and fails lastingly, it can still trigger success stories of other kinds. Some of this happens through the sheer technical example set: the A380, like Concorde before it, forced engineers to innovate in ways that will cascade down the decades in unpredictable ways. Some of the most banal givens of daily life — dust busters, wireless headsets — can be traced back to that messianic project we know as the space programme.

Then there is the inspiring spectacle of just trying to do something big. Progress through tinkering counts no less than progress through great leaps, but only the second kind is likely to electrify people into venturing their own efforts. Without the grand gesture — and the risk of humiliation — any field of endeavour is liable to stagnate.....Perhaps an exhausted west now prefers to tinker all the same. Big ideas are often paid for out of idle wealth (think of Elon Musk’s fortune, or Alphabet’s cash pile) and the existence of this can seem almost distasteful in a culture that is newly sensitive to inequality. As for largeness of vision, there was plenty of the stuff in the forever wars and pre-crash banking. It would be strange if people who lived through those events did not now flinch at the sight of excitable visionaries brandishing schemes.
Airbus  audacity  big_bets  breakthroughs  Elon_Musk  folly  game_changers  humiliation  incrementalism  inspiration  Janan_Ganesh  Jeff_Bezos  marginal_improvements  moonshots  overreach  risks  thinking_big  tinkerers  visionaries 
12 weeks ago by jerryking
out for more by silentwalrus, skellerbvvt
They did it once, they can do it again: two old men's journey through intimacy, idiocy and interpersonal communication
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  silentwalrus  skellerbvvt  bdsm  wordcount:10.000-19.999  humiliation 
january 2019 by tittakv
A Spell To Turn Tigers To Butter by Amanuensis
Comparing the stories his enemies tell, we see that Harry remains resourceful even in the worst circumstances..
hp  non-con  dark  Lucius/Harry  Snape/Harry  humiliation  voyeurism  d/s  bdsm 
january 2019 by kitsune_kitana
xx hot older man gets reamed by younger man xx teacher and student play xx
The day comes when the demon brings death and destruction to his Qing Jing peak.

His reputation in tatters by the demon’s doing, Shen Qingqiu knows the beast has come to kill him.

If given the chance, a wounded animal will strike back at its tormentors.

Shen Qingqiu knows this personally.

[ahhh omg this hurts so good]
wc:1-5k  =scum.villain  2018  author:dearly_anonymous  alpha/beta/omega  humiliation  aphrodisiacs  non-con  *bing-ge/shenjiu  rimming  canon.AU 
december 2018 by claudine
nowhere to run by phantisma
Jensen is a young Hollywood hopeful who happens across Jeffrey Dean Morgan one morning in a coffee shop. Jeff, unknown to Jensen, is a very evil man who deals in sexual slaves. And once Jeff has his eyes on Jensen, he's determined to own him.
cwrps_au  jensen/jdm  phantisma  slavefic  noncon  bdsm  humiliation  impactplay  wordcount:40.000-49.999 
december 2018 by tittakv
Lace and Vulcan Green - by photonromance
Spock is surprisingly shy about his body. He is beautiful, Jim tells him so every chance he can, but for all his sweet talk, dark things still linger in Spock’s mind. He has always been willing to experiment with his limits as far as Jim is concerned but maybe this is a push too far too soon. He hasn’t called it off, his safeword still unuttered in all their play, but Spock is still not coming out of the washroom.

“I-” A word, finally, “I feel silly.” Spock’s voice is a bare sound.

“You don’t have to do it.” Jim calls back, mentally reprimanding his cock for leaping at the thought Spock had even tried on the panties he’d offered.

A beat of silence and then, “I wish to please you."

"You always please me, ashayam.” Jim strokes his fingers over the door, wishing he could offer comfort in contact, “I love you for you, Spock. Not for what you’re wiling to do for me."

There is a pause. "I am coming out.” Spock says finally, his voice still soft.

Jim steps back to give him space. The door slides aside with a thin hydraulic hiss and Jim looses his breath. Spock is blushing, a rich green flushed over his cheeks. His arms are crossed tightly over his stomach and he is looking firmly at the floor. Jim reaches for him and Spock leans in with a fresh blush. “My god, Spock.” Jim whispers against his hair, “You’re gorgeous."

Jim picked a blue silk panty trimmed with a black lace drape. The blue is so similar to Spock’s Science Officer uniform that Jim knows the color is ruined in his mind.
st:tos  kirk/spock  kink  crossdressing  humiliation 
december 2018 by runpunkrun
spicy shizun sandwich
“Oh, I'll leave,” ‘Luo Binghe’ says shortly, then, crimson eyes lazily looking Shen Qingqiu up and down, he whispers in the delicate curve of his ear, “but not without a taste first.”
wc:1-5k  post-canon  *bing-ge/shenqingqiu  2018  author:dearly_anonymous  non-con  humiliation  fuck.or.die 
november 2018 by claudine
does not contain actual vore
The first thing Luo Binghe does when he comes back is deliver Shen Qingqiu to the peach blossom courtyard.

The man remains resolutely silent, his forbearance tightly wrapped around him like armor. Xin Mo was unkind to him, the travel from between the two planes hungrily devouring his spiritual energy. His hair is loose from its crown, a faint cut on his left temple.

Shen Qingqiu's robes are stained with the blood of the sham from the second world.
humiliation  author:dearly_anonymous  2018  =scum.villain  *bing-ge/shenqingqiu  post-canon  non-con  wc:1-5k 
november 2018 by claudine

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