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There are several dimensions of UI that are often missed today.
There are several dimensions of UI that are often missed today. One is that “user friendly can be debilitating”. For example, it’s worth noting that a lot of what “civilization” is about is the development of ways of behavior that go against our genetic propensities. For example, civilization is strongly correlated with writing and reading — in part because getting fluent in them *changes* the way we think, gives us different ways and modes of thinking. Literate societies are not “oral societies with a writing system” — they are different. Learning to read and write is not user friendly, and that is part of the point. We are not trying to adapt to a cave person but to create a person that is not like a cave person. […]

People complained to Doug Engelbart that his UI required some learning. He said that people in the future would be on their machines for 6–8 hours a day, and of course they needed an interface in which they could be really fluent about navigating and commanding. They thought he was crazy! But now what we have are people on their machines more than 8 hours a day and typing with their thumbs or one finger — this is what is nuts: to start with a baby interface and keep it and then try to get fluent. One becomes merely a “fluent baby” as an adult. That is not what civilization needs.
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