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Child separation reality
Interview with an immigration advocate who describes in detail the process at the border right now
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yesterday by nelson
Houston kids internment camp
Considering housing 240 kids in a warehouse 5 miles from the house I grew up in
houston  politics  immigration  ice  trump  children  humanrights 
yesterday by nelson
RT : : Seeking a global policy director! Are you the right person to lead our policy work on in…
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2 days ago by BeckyFaith
Galloway Family Foundation – In Defense of Quality Journalism and the Practice of Human Rights
The Galloway Family Foundation (GFF) was founded a number of years ago in order to promote quality journalism in an era in which journalism profoundly changed, both in the sources and level of funding necessary to sustain quality journalism and in the technological changes sweeping the industry.

It is the hope of GFF that it can in some small but still meaningful way fund both projects and journalists at or near the start of their careers that might not attract the attention of other, often larger foundations, even though both the journalists and the issues they will address.
foundations  funders  grantmaking  journalism  humanrights 
4 days ago by sdp
ICE child shelter
Inside a facility in Brownsville holding 1500 boys
ice  immigration  politics  trump  brownsville  children  humanrights 
4 days ago by nelson
RT : Hey campaigners and advocates - check out this training coming up in London June 26th!
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4 days ago by fabrider

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