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Vulnerability Mapping: Project to include those excluded in Kerala flood relief ops (The News Minute)
IDSN member National Dalit Watch-NCDHR has taken part in a vulnerability mapping initiative, identifying areas where marginalised communities in four districts of Kerala have been excluded from the rescue operations and relief activities following devastating flooding in the area. IDSN members in India are responding to the reports of discrimination with relief measures, fact-finding and supporting those affected by the flooding, to claim their rights.
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RT : Inspiring talk by on and Aid. We shld be aware that 1)Often, the problem is…
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Eyeo 2018 - Nathaniel Raymond on Vimeo
| Nathaniel Raymond at Eyeo 2018 |

Nathaniel is the founding Director of the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) of the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. He has over fifteen years of experience as a humanitarian aid worker and human rights investigator, including as director of the campaign against torture at Physicians for Human Rights. Raymond was formerly director of operations for the George Clooney-founded Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) at HHI.

In this talk Nathaniel covers the myriad ways that attempts to use big data to help people can actually make natural disasters and armed conflicts worse. Drawing on his real world experience deploying data and tech for humanitarian and human rights purposes, he explains what can go wrong and how we might prevent these big data disasters in the future. 

What are ”disaster apps" and are they a good thing? What is data deluge and digital invisibility? What is the difference between DII and PII and ABI, and why should we care? How can satellite imagery help us see things better in an emergency and how can it make us blind? 
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FT Health: New year, same old problems | Financial Times
FEBRUARY 2, 2018 | FT | by Darren Dodd and Andrew Jack

New Year optimism was swiftly stifled this week with concerns for the world's most vulnerable communities......Unicef made its biggest ever appeal for $3.6bn for humanitarian assistance to help 48m children across 51 countries. "Crises are threatening the immediate survival and long-term future of children and young people on a catastrophic scale," the charity said. Previously safe countries such as Venezuela are also reporting malnutrition. The World Bank's "Changing Wealth of Nations" brought some positive news but revealed stark inequalities and declines in poorer countries with a rising death toll from air pollution. 

For humanitarian and health campaigners alike, the problem of financing — and donor fatigue — is significant. “One of the fears is that, with the number of crises we have at the moment, people might become inured to it," warned Unicef. (The Guardian).
Unicef  humanitarian  crises 
august 2018 by jerryking
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team | Fast, Powerful, and Practical: New Technology for Aerial Imagery in Disaster Response
Aerial imagery can play an important role in disaster response operations, enabling response teams to identify and prioritize hardest-hit areas, conduct damage assessments, and plan response activities. Existing tools make this relatively easy in connected environments; users can browse high-resolution satellite imagery catalogs and download the relevant imagery, and can process drone imagery using online tools. Current solutions don’t work well in disconnected environments, however. Even offline tools lack the storage space and processing power to be effective for addressing large areas.

This blog post shows how rugged, portable Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers can be turned into a kit that’s mega-powerful, deployable, and purpose-built for post-disaster imagery operations. This can help humanitarians and government agencies to more accurately and efficiently conduct damage assessments and identify hardest-hit areas, potentially making a real difference in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
snowball  aws  humanitarian  emergency-response  osm  openstreetmap  mapping  aid  disasters 
july 2018 by jm
UN anti-racism committee issues strong recommendations on fighting caste discrimination in Nepal - International Dalit Solidarity Network
The Concluding Observations of the May 2018 review of Nepal, by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), includes dozens of remarks relating to caste-based discrimination and several strongly worded recommendations on fighting it. Read the full IDSN analysis
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Job opportunity – digital learning specialist (remote)
This is the most awesome job in digital learning today. And we’re just getting started.
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