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CIA warning over Huawei • The Times
Lucy Fisher and Michael Evans:
<p>American intelligence shown to Britain says that Huawei has taken money from the People’s Liberation Army, China’s National Security Commission and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network, according to a UK source.

The US shared the claims with Britain and its other partners in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance — Australia, New Zealand and Canada — earlier this year, with the UK entering the final stages of a wider review into its next generation mobile network rollout.

The funding allegation is the most serious claim linking the world’s largest telecoms equipment manufacturer to the Chinese state. Huawei insists that it is a private company that is independent of influence from the government and has repeatedly denied posing any security risks. Critics, however, warn that China’s laws oblige companies to co-operate with its security branches, and that “backdoors” could be built into software allowing it to spy on or disrupt British communications.

The Whitehall review into plans for Britain’s introduction of 5G will be discussed by Theresa May, cabinet ministers and security chiefs at the National Security Council, expected to be held next week. A Whitehall source said of the review: “I don’t think it’s massively supportive [towards Huawei].”</p>

Obliging cooperation with security branches and building in backdoors is something that the UK's Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) forces too. It's also instructive to notice the sources here: Lucy Fisher is the defence correspondent. This is careful leaking by UK security sources to push a narrative. That doesn't necessarily mean it's untrue; only that this is intended to be aired.
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17 hours ago by charlesarthur
China’s Huawei bigfooted U.S. companies in 5G technology - The Washington Post apr 2019
"As U.S. officials have pressured allies not to use networking gear from Chinese technology giant Huawei over spying concerns, President Trump has urged American companies to “step up” and compete to provide the next generation of high-speed, low-lag wireless service known as 5G.

There’s just one problem: Barely any U.S. companies manufacture the technology’s most critical components."

"... four companies, Sweden’s Ericsson, Finland’s Nokia and China’s Huawei and ZTE, account for two-thirds of the global market for telecom equipment, according to analyst estimates."

"Motorola and Lucent’s wireless infrastructure businesses were soon gobbled up by Finland’s Nokia and France’s Alcatel, respectively. One reason the European companies proved so successful, Entner said, was because the European industry agreed from the start to develop a common standard for wireless communication, known as GSM, that all European telecoms would share."

"To give another perspective on Huawei’s enormous influence, the company’s chief rivals, Nokia and Ericsson, account for 17 percent and 13 percent of the global market for telecom equipment, respectively, according to figures compiled by the research firm Dell’Oro Group.

Huawei’s market share, at 29 percent, is nearly as large as both of them combined."

"As Huawei has invested in its own research and development, even Western telecom companies acknowledge that Huawei’s products are as good as — if not better than — competing equipment from Nokia or Ericsson."

"With the support of China’s state-owned development bank, Huawei also has been able to undercut competitors with attractive financing for its products. "

"It doesn’t hurt that Huawei serves a massive domestic market in China, which grants it tremendous advantages of scale that many tech companies, including American ones, are hungry to access themselves."
5G  Huawei  WashingtonPost 
5 days ago by pierredv
How America Can Still Win The Battle For 5G - by Arthur Herman
The news of the last month has not been good for America’s prospects for leading the future of telecommunications.
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9 days ago by areadevelopment
U.S. lifts request for Germany to ban Huawei in 5G contracts: report
The U.S. authorities are “highly satisfied” with a regulation introduced by Germany’s Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) last month, which sets strict security standards for 5G regardless of the provider.
huawei  5g  ovum 
10 days ago by yorksranter
China spying: the internet's underwater cables are next • Bloomberg
James Stavridis:
<p>Just as the experts are justifiably concerned about the inclusion of espionage “back doors” in Huawei’s 5G technology, western intelligence professionals oppose the company’s engagement in the undersea version, which provides a much bigger bang for the buck because so much data rides on so few cables.

Naturally, Huawei denies any manipulation of the cable sets it is constructing, even though the US and other nations say it is obligated by Chinese law to hand over network data to the government. The US last year restricted federal agencies using from using its 5G equipment; Huawei responded with a lawsuit in federal court. Washington is pressuring its allies to follow its lead — the American ambassador to Germany warned that allowing Chinese companies into its 5G project would mean reduced security cooperation from the US — but this is an uphill battle. Most nations and companies feel that better cell phone service is worth the security risks.

A similar dynamic is playing out underwater. How can the US address the security of undersea cables? There is no way to stop Huawei from building them, or to keep private owners from contracting with Chinese firms on modernizing them, based purely on suspicions. Rather, the US must use its cyber- and intelligence-gathering capability to gather hard evidence of back doors and other security risks. This will be challenging — the Chinese firms are technologically sophisticated and entwined with a virtual police state.</p>

The US and UK are itchy about this because they know they can do it: there's a lot of tapping of cables at the point where they leave the ocean. What if the cables have the tapping built in?
china  huawei  spying  cables  undersea 
10 days ago by charlesarthur
America’s Undersea Battle With China for Control of the Global Internet Grid - WSJ
Chinese company Huawei is embedding itself into cable systems that ferry nearly all of the world’s internet data.
undersea  fibre  optic  infrastructure  2019  ownership  huawei 
11 days ago by stevesong
最前线 | 华为打算向苹果出售5G基带芯片,苹果敢要吗?
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12 days ago by JINYONG86

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