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Performance Calendar » QUIC and HTTP/3 : Too big to fail?!

"Thus, only what they call “idempotent” data can be sent in 0-RTT (meaning it should not permanently change state, e.g., HTTP REST GET but not PUT). Depending on the application, this can severely limit the usefulness of 0-RTT (e.g., a naive IoT sensor using 0-RTT to POST sensor data could, conceptually, be a bad idea)."
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7 days ago by colin.jack
Optimizing HTTP/2 prioritization with BBR and tcp_notsent_lowat
On Linux 4.9 kernels and later, enable BBR congestion control and set tcp_notsent_lowat to 16KB for HTTP/2 prioritization to work reliably. This can be done in /etc/sysctl.conf:
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8 days ago by gglnx

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