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The practical value of semantic HTML
This riled me too. But, as it’s Consumerfest and goodwill to all is compulsory, I calmed down. And I don’t want to instigate a pile-on of the author of this piece; it’s indicative of an industry trend to regard HTML as a bit of an afterthought, once you’ve done the real work of learning and writing JavaScript. If the importance of good HTML isn’t well-understood by the newer breed of JavaScript developers, then it’s my job as a DOWF (Dull Old Web Fart) to explain it.
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2 days ago by Gwendoux
soundZoom - Explore Sound in A New Way (Microtonality) | Dodeka
Digital and isomorphic keyboard to zoom in musical notes. Discover microtonality.
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3 days ago by program247365
Using ARIA
Using ARIA in HTML. W3C Editor's Draft.
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7 days ago by decembr14
Comparing and contrasting ins, del, and s
The <s> element could even arguably be used for indicating sarcasm, or for marking up examples of Sous rature for all you Jacques Derrida fans out there. Well… maybe ;-).
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7 days ago by mikael

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