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Vue.js App Performance Optimization
Part 1 of a multipart series on VueJS performance optimization.
vuejs  performance  optimization  howtos  webdev 
yesterday by angusm
Ensuring Drupal 8 Block Cache Tags bubble up to the Page | PreviousNext
You have to render the content variable to ensure that its cache tags bubble up and end up in the page cache.
drupal  drupal8  howtos  caching 
8 days ago by aleksip
Dynamic Social Sharing Images
How to create og:image images for Facebook automatically.
images  opengraph  howtos 
6 weeks ago by angusm
A Simple Email to Blog Gateway for Kirby
When I write a blog post on this site it begins by creating a Kirby formatted text file inside a newly created directory which I then upload to my server. Yet sometimes I want to just make a note of a website, or just blog a quick thought and having to do all of the above to make a simple post seems like a lot of work. I remember a service called Posterous (now long dead) that let you create blog posts purely be email. It worked really well, so I thought I'd use the powers of IFTTT with a simple php script to create something similar.
howtos  kirby  cms  webdev  ifttt  email  blogging 
november 2018 by Jolantis
hat_plays_sims | Bundles of Joy (First Non-Default Baby Clothes Offerings)
0. Purchase the Buy Baby Outfit teddy bear. There is to my knowledge no other way to buy baby clothes. Yet? Maybe 'yet.'
1. Have your parent Sim either hold their baby or put their baby on the floor. I haven't checked this with every possible combination of relatives, but an unrelated adult CANNOT get new clothes for a baby. Didn't think to check with teenagers. Somebody try it and report back?
2. With your parent Sim selected, click on the teddy bear and select "Buy Outfit For..." which should lead you to the names of all infants ant toddlers in the household. Click on a toddler's name.
3. A standard clothing-purchase window will pop up. DO NOT CLICK ANY AGE ICONS. Click on one of the gender icons instead. That's the only way to get to the baby clothes. Select and purchase baby clothes as you would normal clothes; they only cost $25 each so stock up. Hit the check-mark to buy clothes.
4. When the clothing purchase window closes, a plan outfit window will appear. So... plan your outfit.
5. If you forgot to plan your outfit, panicked and hit Close, or just want to change your baby's casual clothing for the season, buy one of the Maxis changing tables and have a parent Sim Plan Outfit For their baby as they would for a toddler.
sims2  babies  howtos  howto 
november 2018 by timberwolfoz
How to verify checksums when you download an app for your Mac
SHA-1 (Apple); openssl sha1 /full/path/to/file

SHA256: openssl dgst -sha256 /full/path/to/file

MD5 (deprecated): openssl md5 /full/path/to/file
hashes  terminal  commands  howtos  security 
october 2018 by mahu

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