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Innovator Catalyst: ‘Decarbonising buildings’ | Climate-KIC
Hey Decarbonising buildings course 8 days October Birmingham. Bursaries available. Apply today
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september 2014 by DJSoup
Tickets | Housing Camp
RT : You have UNTIL WEDNESDAY to sign up for . So you'd better get on it. Like now, please. Sat 13th.
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september 2014 by Markbraggins
Big Picture Days - Slide to Unlock - Eventbrite
RT : folk would love to have you along to June 1 to talk evolution of unconferences etc
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may 2013 by clarewhite
Housing Camp | Just another WordPress site
RT @helenmilner If you're not already signed up to #housingcamp tickets & info at http://t.co/jaWWzYFMoc #digihousing #digitalinclusion
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may 2013 by nickmhalliday
(404) http://t.co/LiLO
RT : Not too late to sign up for , the unconference we're hosting on all things digital housing …
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may 2013 by philipjohn
So what might people want to talk about? « Housing Camp
RT @jonfoster New from @JayneHilditch on the #housingcamp blog - So what do people want to talk about? - http://t.co/AnW9izAB02 #ukhousing
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april 2013 by nickmhalliday
Housing Camp
RT Whoosh look how quick the inspiration travels. I'm now supporting - << w00t!
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february 2013 by danslee

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