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Benefits spending: Five charts on the UK's £100bn bill - BBC News
Much of the £100bn per year we spend on working-age benefits is there to tackle deep problems created by low pay, high housing costs and ill health.
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AirDNA | Short-Term Rental Data & Analytics
Gain valuable insights into the performance of 10 million Airbnb & HomeAway vacation rentals. Analyze the competition's occupancy rates, revenue and pricing
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Rocky Mountain Power proposes 600-battery apartment building among trio of Utah DSM projects | Utility Dive
"Another proposal is the Battery Demand Response Project, which RMP would execute in partnership with Wasatch Development. Plans call for installation of individual batteries in each unit of a 600-unit multi-family development to be constructed.

"The batteries would be charged by solar facilities, and the company would have control of the batteries to deploy them for system-wide demand response," RMP told regulators."
battery  storage  electricity  housing 
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Future of Cities: Medellin, Colombia solves city slums - YouTube
"Medellin, Colombia offers a window into the future of cities. Once synonymous with the drug violence of Pablo Escobar's murderous cocaine cartel, Colombia's second largest city undergone a remarkable transformation. Medellín has done so largely by investing heavily in upgrading slums and connecting them to the city center. A centerpiece of this effort: innovative public transportation, such as a Metrocable gondola system that helps residents of informal communities get around town and enjoy all the benefits of a reinvented city.

In collaboration with Retro Report, learn more here: https://qz.com/is/what-happens-next-2/ "

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"Slums are growing around the world—but a city in Colombia has a solution"
https://qz.com/1381146/slums-are-growing-around-the-world-but-a-city-in-colombia-has-a-solution/ ]
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