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Think Build Live. Creating durable and sustainable homes since 1974. Accredited building classes, fine woodworking tools, timber frames, real estate.
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15 Things to Observe Before Starting your Permaculture Design - Open Permacultur...
When you first start considering turning a site into a permaculture garden, you need to do a thorough analysis of the plot. You need to get to know the land, the organisms that live on it and the influences that act upon it. By understanding the land, you can work with it to make the changes a permaculture garden will need to thrive. One of the primary means of analyzing a plot is observation. Looking at the land, watching how it changes with the season, and how it reacts to events, will be a great bedrock of knowledge on which to base your subsequent permaculture design. The longer the period you can simply observe the land before altering it, the better, as you will see how it changes over the seasons. Here are some of the primary things that you should observe when analyzing your site.
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Deer Isle Hostel
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