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Desert Hearts Records
Desert Hearts Records is a tribute to House, Techno, & Love. What started as an intimate renegade gathering in the Mojave Desert has since blossomed into a movement that celebrates love, life, and music. With multiple Desert Hearts Festivals year round and one-off City Hearts events popping up around the nation, it's easy to see why Desert Hearts was dubbed by Thump Magazine as "The West Coast's Fastest Growing Party Squad." The idea is to spread love through music towards a better way of life. The belief is in a society where acceptance, creativity and passions flourish. The goal is to provide a safe haven away from Babylon for people to connect with nature, be themselves, and do what makes them happy. This is what Desert Hearts is all about. House, Techno, & Love... We are all Desert Hearts.
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Insulating Walls in an Old House With No Sheathing
if no exterior vapor barrier, ensure air space if adding (vapor permeable) insulation inside stud bays
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