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Brassica oleracea - Wikipedia
Brassica oleracea is a plant species that includes many common foods as cultivars, including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, savoy, kohlrabi, and gai lan.
biology  food  plants  horticulture 
october 2018 by squeg
Longwood Gardens Fellows Program
A 13-month residential working and learning experience designed to further develop and refine high-potential individuals' leadership skills. The program is tuition-free, offers a monthly stipend, housing, pragmatic and individualized leader development opportunities, and immersion into the business of public horticulture as a part of the arts and cultural communities.

Program content is grounded in the disciplines of leadership, organizational behavior, and nonprofit management and begins with an introspective onboarding process that heightens participants' self-awareness. The Program is designed similarly to the highest-quality leader development programs available today with 25% of the focus spent on text and case-based discussions, 35% spent on learning from regional and global public horticulture and cultural leaders, and 40% spent on pragmatic experiences gained via departmental immersion, a two-month field placement, and a collective cohort project.
Pennsylvania  Leadership  Cultural  Horticulture  Public  NonProfit  entrepreneurship 
august 2018 by risdgrants
Cure Yourself of Tree Blindness - The New York Times
And it’s about not letting the built environment make me too tame. When you engage with a tree, you momentarily leave the human-created world. Look at an American elm in winter, its limbs waving like Medusa’s snaky hair. The elm may grow along streets and sidewalks, but there is nothing tame about that tree. In cities, where animals feast on human gardens or garbage and most landscape plants are domesticated cultivars, native trees are the last truly wild beings.

Yes, people may look curiously if you stop to study a tree. But so what? Let yourself go a little wild.
culture  ecology  trees  botany  horticulture  disenchantment-reenchantment  arboriculture 
february 2018 by the_alt

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