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RT : I salute the brave citizens on the streets, uncowed by the threat of police brutality. The people of…
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3 hours ago by kcarruthers
RT : Q&A
“We have not set any timetable to restart the ,” said.

But no announcem…
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5 hours ago by freewizard
RT : Wow, is this why the police force sent their policewomen to stand at the front row instead? So they can u…
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11 hours ago by freewizard
小女人的小天地: 【2018香港搜食】西营盘。坤记煲仔小菜
地址:香港西环皇后大道西263号 和益大廈地下1号舖
电话:852-2803 7209
营业时间:1100 - 0030 (星期一至六)
                    1800 - 0030(星期日)

叮叮车东边街站(步行兩分钟就到) 或
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16 hours ago by lohsingyee
Errrr police commissioner Stephen Lo said this figure is “not accurate” just now
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yesterday by yellowcandle
Media round-up: How local newspapers covered Hong Kong's largest-ever protest
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yesterday by yellowcandle
RT : They know how to protest politely in

(protesters let an ambulance go through)
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yesterday by juliusbeezer
RT : [Time-Lapse] That’s 338 thousand people? Seriously? Credit: Chan Sunny
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yesterday by firehawk12
Speaking in Mandarin, Joshua Wong also specifically thanked the Taiwanese for their support for
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yesterday by hectorpalmatellez

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