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A security experiment with Fail2Ban, Syslog and Honeypot
A security experiment with Fail2Ban, Syslog and Honeypot
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yesterday by sillygwailo
paralax/awesome-honeypots: an awesome list of honeypot resources
an awesome list of honeypot resources. Contribute to paralax/awesome-honeypots development by creating an account on GitHub.
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11 days ago by tranqy
Fake Company, Real Threats: Logs From a Smart Factory Honeypot - Security News - Trend Micro USA
To determine threat actors' degree of knowledge in compromising a smart factory, we deployed our most elaborate honeypot to date. The incidents we observed show the kinds of attacks that can easily affect poorly secured manufacturing environments.
type:article  smart  factory  iot  security  paper  honeypot 
23 days ago by endorama
paralax/awesome-honeypots: an awesome list of honeypot resources
A curated list of awesome honeypots, plus related components and much more, divided into categories such as Web, services, and others, with a focus on free and open source projects.
honeypot  infosec  security  tools  github 
october 2019 by shadyproject
Thinkst Canary
Easily deployable honeypots which report to a central (on your network) console, and alert to intruders who are scanning or trying to access files they think are useful and they want to steal. Also canarytokens, which are fake AWS-API keys you place on each computer or laptop; crackers HAVE to trigger them, and they alert you immediately as well. The bad news: they are EXPENSIVE (2019: $5,000/yr for smallest 2-canary package).
security  honeypot  tools 
october 2019 by chrismyth

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