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The most exciting new HomeKit devices coming in 2019 | Cult of Mac
Apple’s stealth play to hype HomeKit devices at CES gave the home-automation platform a major boost. A slew of new HomeKit-compatible devices are headed our way. From locks and TVs to blinds and video doorbells, they promise to make smart homes more…
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3 days ago by evansthompson
IoT internet of things bridge flows
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6 days ago by scottaw
Apple Shares List of AirPlay 2-Enabled Smart TVs From Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio - MacRumors
A few days ago, Apple announced that AirPlay 2–enabled smart TVs are coming soon from leading manufacturers, and we've since seen a series of...
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7 days ago by mattriffle
HomeRun for HomeKit
A HomeKit app for Apple Watch
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9 days ago by bmwrider
HomePass for HomeKit
A HomeKit alternative with a more elegant interface
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9 days ago by bmwrider
Video: In 2018, announced the U by Moen shower unit, promising eventual support. That time has come…
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9 days ago by soundsgood
iOS - Home Accessories - Apple
Leading worldwide brands offer accessories that are compatible with the Home app and your Apple devices — with more and more on the way. Check back for updates on what’s available.
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10 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
nfarina/homebridge: HomeKit support for the impatient
HomeKit support for the impatient. Contribute to nfarina/homebridge development by creating an account on GitHub.
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11 days ago by bitboxer

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