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How has the average Hollywood movie crew changed? • Stephen Follows
Follows works in the film industry and (if you didn't know) in his spare time does some wonderful analyses of public data from it:
<p>In the past, I’ve looked at how big a movie crew can get, for both UK films and Hollywood movies. But I was recently asked by a reader how the composition of such crews has changed over time. Which departments are getting larger? Which jobs are on the rise and which are waning?

To answer this, I looked at the credits of the top 200 US-grossing movies of each of the past 20 years (1997-2016), giving me a dataset of 4,000 movies.</p>

You can probably guess the department that's grown biggest and fastest (clue: it's not stunt actors), but some of the others are surprising.
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4 hours ago by charlesarthur
Terry Crews Is Not Going Down Without A Fight
“People don’t understand that Hollywood is a very violent place,” Terry Crews told BuzzFeed News. “The best way to put it is that it’s like a plantation. … They cut your head off so that the next person doesn’t speak.”
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3 days ago by laurenipsum
‘Get Out’ producer Jason Blum talks about Netflix, low-budget movies and the Oscars - Recode
Because the actress is saying, “See how great I am,” or, “See how pretty I am,” or whatever. It’s awkward, and you can look what I’m looking at the actress who’s 23 years old. They look uncomfortable. And as soon as you put another person ... We have a woman named Teri Taylor who casts all our movies. And I found years ago, if I would bring Teri into the room, we’d just have a more productive meeting.
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3 days ago by foliovision
The Pentagon & Hollywood’s successful and deadly propaganda alliance — RT Op-ed
President Eisenhower once warned Americans to “guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.”

Eisenhower’s prescient warning should have extended to the military industrial entertainment complex of the DoD/CIA-Hollywood alliance, which has succeeded in turning Americans into a group of uniformly incurious and militaristic zealots.

America is now stuck in a perpetual pro-war propaganda cycle, where the DoD/CIA and Hollywood conspire to indoctrinate Americans to be warmongers and, in turn, Americans now demand more militarism from their entertainment and government. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
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6 days ago by foliovision

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