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Read: Arnold Schwarzenegger at the University of Houston | Time
First of all, it would have been fun to make it that easy and to be that easy, but it was very, very difficult to get into the movies. Very difficult. And only because I had help, I could get in because in the beginning every agent, every manager, every studio executive said, you will never become a leading man. Look at your body. You look like a monster.

I was upset about that because I trained so hard and for so long and all of a sudden they call me monsters, but the bottom line is, they said, ‘This is the 70’s. Twenty years they did Hercules. Movies today, the little guys are in; Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Woody Allen. Those are the sex symbols of the 70’s. Don’t you understand it?’ I said, ‘Oh, my God. Who are they?’ But they even belittled me with my accent.

They said, ‘Look, the way you talk. I have to be very honest. I don’t want to offend you, but you give me the creeps with your accent, with that German accent. It’s scary.’ They said, ‘Maybe we can get you a job in Hogan’s Heroes, in that TV show, to play a Nazi officer. And plus your name, Schwarzen, Schmitzl, or whatever it is, I can see that already up there on billboard, and people running in because of the name.’

The bottom line is, it was very, very difficult but only because I decided not to listen to the nay‑sayers and because I decided to work as hard as I did in bodybuilding, to take acting lessons, to take voice lessons, English lessons, speech lessons and accent removal lessons.

Now, I know you are going to say: ‘Get your money back, Arnold.’ But the bottom line is I ran around, ‘The fine wine grows on a vine,’ because the Germans always had difficulties with the F, W, and the V. The fine wine grows on a vine. And then, ‘The sink is made out of zinc’ and all those kinds of things. So, I did this thousands of time and eventually it worked. I started getting little parts and then I started getting bigger parts, and then eventually, even though it was very difficult, it was Dino De Laurentiis and Ed Pressman that came to me with Conan the Barbarian.

And if they wouldn’t have helped me to get that part, I would not have broken through and become a leading man.
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RT : Caricatures of leading ladies done in the 1950s.
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Louis C.K., Roy Moore, and Hollywood's Sexualization of Girls - The Atlantic
Hollywood & USA culture titillates w stories of old men & teen girls while posturing that it’s wrong. sex w minors IS illegal
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