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You Do Not Need Blockchain: Eight Popular Use Cases And Why They Do Not Work
People are resorting to blockchain for all kinds of reasons these days. Ever since I started doing smart contract security audits in mid-2017, I’ve seen it all. A special category of cases is…
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19 hours ago by koozie
We made a smilar decision in 2017. The reason was that our builds were stupidly ... | Hacker News
"There is a need for tight integration between build pipelines, version control systems, issue trackers, alerting, monitoring, cloud providers, kubernetes, etc. You can sort of do this partially but you typically have to deal with gazillions of SAAS solutions of varying quality that typically don't integrate that well and the devops related to that. E.g. making Jira aware of github PRs and build status in jenkins can probably be done but you are dealing with API tokens, access rights, and wonky webhooks, credit card payments, etc"
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yesterday by mechazoidal
Going Solo, Successfully | Kevin Burke
Three years ago I quit my job and started consulting full time. It's worked out really well. I get to spend more time doing things I like to do and I've been able to deliver great products for clients. I wanted to go over some tips for starting a successful consulting business.
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2 days ago by 1luke2

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