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Iconic viking warrior was a woman, DNA test confirms — RT World News
“The identification of a female Viking warrior provides a unique insight into the Viking society, social constructions, and exceptions to the norm in the Viking time-period,” the study’s authors said. “The results call for caution against generalizations regarding social orders in past societies.”
3 hours ago by foliovision
Carol Black: Reclaiming Our Children, Reclaiming Our World - YouTube
"Carol Black directed the documentary film Schooling the World, which describes how western-style schools help destroy indigenous cultures worldwide. This talk was given at ISEC's Economics of Happiness conference in Berkeley, California, in March 2012."
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4 hours ago by robertogreco
If Printed Dictionaries Are History, What Will Children Sit on to Reach the | National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Back in the 1960s, books carried a certain authority. If you had a predigital dictionary on a stand or a shelf, or even holding a door open, it didn’t just provide access to that authority or associate you with learning—you owned the learning and authority. Sure, dictionaries were more expensive, but in those days people were willing to sacrifice a bit, if they could have that authority in the living room or dorm room, or if it projected the image of learning and authority on a graduation gift.
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9 hours ago by janpeuker
Guy-Blache: The untold story of first female film director - BBC News
Hollywood actress Jodie Foster has narrated a documentary paying tribute to Alice Guy-Blache who is credited with being the world’s first female film director.

Blache made her first movie in 1896 and was subsequently involved in the production of some 1,000 films from shorts to features.
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9 hours ago by msszczep
An interesting list of talks.

Over 80K software development tech talks ranked algorithmically to surface the industry's best presentations from the past, present and future.
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9 hours ago by jefframnani
Blackjack Spring has been joy for many over years
"The water pouring out at approximately five gallons per minute is soft and nearly mineral free and has a wonderful taste verified by the many people who have sampled it."

I would guess this is from the Manhattan Mercury.
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10 hours ago by ahall

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