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Early humans slept around with more than just Neanderthals | History
It’s been known for some time that our modern human ancestors interbred with other early hominin groups like the Neanderthals. But it turns out they were even more promiscuous than we thought. Sharon R. Browning, research professor of biostatistics at the UW, is quoted.
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It Was Never About Liberty – Christopher Keelty – Medium
Americans all know the story of the Boston Tea Party: On December 16, 1773, a mob of patriots known as the Sons of Liberty, disguised in charcoal blackface and Indian dress, boarded a fleet of ships…
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Bench Grass: Erik the Red Was An Eskimo: Some insect-Related Evidence
All stories about "landtakings" are intended to legitimate existing landholding families. Oral genealogy dating back past two centuries exists only to "maintain taboo," and it probably suffices to understand its ideological charge to point out that we haven't genealogies for the eleventh century Imperial German nobility of the Investitute Crisis of the era // telling that Carl Schmitt was so keen on "Landnahme" as a thing
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The animation genius you've (probably) never heard of - BBC Ideas
The charming story of how Lotte Reiniger became one of the great pioneers of early animation.
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Medieval “Lingerie” From 15th Century Castle Stuns Fashion Historians
Archaeologists have unearthed several 600-year-old bras that experts say could rewrite fashion history. While they’ll hardly send pulses racing by today’s standards, the lace-and-linen underpinnings predate the invention of the modern brassiere by hundreds of years. Found hidden under the floorboards of Lengberg Castle in Austria’s East Tyrol, along with some 2,700 textile remains and one completely preserved pair of (presumably male) linen underpants, the four intact and two fragmented specimens are believed to date to the 15th century, a hypothesis scientists later confirmed through carbon-dating.
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