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Are we living through another 1930s? | Paul Mason | Opinion | The Guardian
As daunting events come thick and fast amid increasing public racism and xenophobia, the similarities with the buildup to the second world war are real, but we can take hope from a few key differences Things are happening with machine-gun rapidity: Brexit, the Turkish coup, Islamist massacre
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John Carmack recalls “frustrating” arguments with Apple’s Steve Jobs | Ars Technica
Memories from a decades-long relationship of mutual respect and confrontation.
When John Carmack talks publicly these days, he's usually focused on intricate technical matters, the blue-sky potential of virtual reality, or occasionally business-focused lawsuits. So when the Doom co-creator and Oculus CTO used a lengthy Facebook post to open up about his memories of Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs, it provided an interesting and rare look into two enigmatic tech luminaries.
Carmack leads off by recalling his fondness for Jobs' expensive NeXT workstations, mentioning a failed marketing deal to feature "Developed on NeXT" branding on the original Doom, well before it was a cultural phenomenon. That failed marketing deal put Jobs and Carmack in each others' orbit, a proximity which Carmack says he used to convince Jobs to adopt OpenGL 3D graphics standards on Macintosh, rather than using Apple's own proprietary API.
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Carmack and Raskin: Stories of Steve Jobs | iMore
Steve Jobs' attitude towards John Carmack's games, and how he got up to speed at Pixar.
John Carmack, famously of ID Software and creator of Doom, among other industry-shaping games, and Andy Raskin, a consultant who once interned at Apple, both recently shared anecdotes about Steve Jobs.
Carmack's was first hand and as much of a rollercoaster ride as you might expect.
From Facebook (yeah, sorry, he's intertwined with Oculus, which is owned by Facebook)...
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yesterday by rgl7194
John Carmack - Steve Jobs My wife once asked me “Why do you drop...
Steve Jobs
My wife once asked me “Why do you drop what you are doing when Steve Jobs asks you to do something? You don’t do that for anyone else.”
It is worth thinking about.
As a teenage Apple computer fan, Jobs and Wozniak were revered figures for me, and wanting an Apple 2 was a defining characteristic of several years of my childhood. Later on, seeing NeXT at a computer show just as I was selling my first commercial software felt like a vision into the future. (But $10k+, yikes!)
As Id Software grew successful through Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D, the first major personal purchase I made wasn’t a car, but rather a NeXT computer. It turned out to be genuinely valuable for our software development, and we moved the entire company onto NeXT hardware.
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