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When I look around, I see a world struggling to understand itself. Every century in which progress occurs must learn from the last — and the problem today is that we haven’t yet done that. What is…
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Waterfall | Andreas Zwinkau
“The ‘Waterfall’ methodology was a historic accident and they knew it.”
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The Yardbirds: The Eric Clapton Years Part 4 - Goldmine Magazine
Clapton leaves
The year’s-end release of Five Live Yardbirds had coincided with The Yardbirds’ most prestigious outing yet. Earlier in 1964, the group toured as support to Billy J. Kramer And The Dakotas, one of the other Liverpudlian lights in Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s NEMS stable.
Epstein caught several of the shows and pronounced himself utterly bowled over by the opening act — so much so that, as he set about organising The Beatles’ Christmas concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon, he personally invited the Yardbirds onto the bill.
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Re: Layoffs Loom At Verizon's Oath In The Wake Of $4.5 Billion Writedown
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Subject: Layoffs Loom At Verizon's Oath In The Wake Of $4.5 Billion Writedown
Verizon's  $9  billion  bet  on  the  digital  media  business  may  rank  among  the  worst  blunders  in  the  history  of  corporate  America.  Unfortunately_  extracting  itself  from  the  bad  deals  won’t  be  easy. 
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Computer Pioneers - Richard Wesley Hamming
Biography of pioneer Richard Wesley Hamming from J.A.N. Lee's 1995 book Computer Pioneers, updated
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