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Killing the Coding Interview | Pete Holiday's Blog
notable because: (a) it provides concrete things to do as alternatives and (b) recognizes that sometimes it might actually be worthwhile
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yesterday by cwinters
Home | Phenom People
The Talent Relationship Marketing Platform built to attract, identify, and build relationships with the right talent at the right time.
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2 days ago by zeest
Ten Things I Learned from a Job Hunt for a Senior Engineering Role
I recently went on a search for a new full time gig and I learned that today’s job search is not what it used to be. Here’s the quick summary of what I lear...
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5 days ago by grinful
Toptal - Hire Freelance Talent from the Top 3%
Toptal is a marketplace for top UI, UX, Visual, Interaction designers, and more.
Top companies and start-ups hire freelance designers from Toptal for their most mission-critical projects.
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6 days ago by csaper

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