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GitHub - S1SYPHOS/kirby3-highlight: Themeable server-side syntax highlighting for Kirby
Themeable server-side syntax highlighting for Kirby - S1SYPHOS/kirby3-highlight
kirby3  plugin  kirby  code  highlight  theme 
4 weeks ago by obear
Glorious Demo
The easiest way of creating animations to show your code in action.
code  color  generator  highlight  screenshots  animation  syntax  terminal  carbon 
9 weeks ago by spaceninja
What I Learned from Reverse-Spamming Aggressive Subscription Pop-ups
"In case you missed that, let me repeat: by putting aggressive sign-ups on your site, you’re putting users in a situation where it’s in their best interest to poison your supply of legitimately interested users." via Instapaper https://medium.com/digital-vault/what-i-learned-from-reverse-spamming-aggressive-subscription-pop-ups-9e8fdf64d44d
instapaper  highlight 
10 weeks ago by robknight
Carbon is the easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your source code.
screenshot  code  syntax  highlight  share  social 
january 2019 by matthojo

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