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Art Institute of Seattle Is Facing Closure, Leaving Some Students Scrambling - Slog - The Stranger
As you may know, AI Seattle is at risk of closure. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the school may run out of funds to continue operations. This email is intended to provide information about AI Seattle’s current status and resources for AI Seattle students.
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17 days ago by j-l-r
What lessons can be learned from the Wright State faculty strike?
After striking for 20 days, Wright State University’s faculty union won some modest gains in a tentative agreement reached Sunday. Professors were back to work Monday, trying to put things back in order.
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21 days ago by j-l-r
Haskell for Readers
Welcome to the lecture series “Haskell for Readers”. This workshop is uniquely tailored to those who need to read, rather than write Haskell code: auditors, scientists, managers, testers etc.
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6 weeks ago by FredericJacobs
IOTA: The $3.7 Billion Cryptocurrency Developers Love to Hate - CoinDesk – Telegraph
"The IOTA developers haven't been able to explain to me why they think their insecure hash function is safe," tweeted Matthew Green, a cryptography professor at John Hopkins.

But things escalated even further from there.

"He should be scared, there are lawyers working on that already," tweeted IOTA co-founder Sergei Ivancheglo, threatening Boston University's Ethan Heilman, one of the researchers who reported the hash function vulnerability.

During the Financial Crypto 2018 conference at the end of February, Ivancheglo's tweet was a major discussion point. While nerdy debates turning vicious is nothing new for the cryptocurrency space, security researchers argue that threatening lawsuits can severely undermine the industry.

As UCL computer science researcher Sarah Azouvi told CoinDesk:

"The founder suing researchers is very, very concerning. Researchers try to measure and try to make things more secure. It could have a serious impact if people are afraid to report bugs."

A $4 million hole
While it doesn't appear any IOTA users have lost money because of the custom-made hash function, some IOTA users lost a substantial amount of their cryptocurrency - to the tune of $4 million - in what some industry observers argue is sheer incompetence on behalf of the IOTA team.
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6 weeks ago by snearch

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