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unicycle - Gifts / Gadgets / Technology / Folding Bike – The Airwheel
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7 hours ago by dferch
ContainerSolutions/helm-monitor: Monitor K8S Helm release, rollback on metrics behavior (Prometheus, ElasticSearch)
helm-monitor - Monitor K8S Helm release, rollback on metrics behavior (Prometheus, ElasticSearch)
helm  release  monitoring  rollback 
13 days ago by pinterb
Terraform vs. Helm for Kubernetes - DZone Cloud
This comparison of Helm and Terraform sees how each provisioning tool works with Kubernetes, app deployment, upgrades, and rollbacks to see which works best.
helm  terraform  kubernetes  devops 
18 days ago by devnulled
Helm Docs
Package manager for k8s
kubernetes  helm  docker  devops 
22 days ago by hayzer
Just had a killer workout in my socks. I’m taking week in the Bay Area to the next level.
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24 days ago by atxryan

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