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HEIC Yeah - The Hacker Factor Blog
Fortunately, I did eventually find another solution. There's a different library (not based on Nokia's code) called libheif, and it's only dependent on libde265 (by the same author). Both of these are licensed as GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). That means that I can use it for commercial purposes as long as I don't integrate it into my code. (My code loads these as shared libraries if they exist on the system. And if they don't exist, then my code happily ignores the file format. I also use dlsym to access all functions, so there is zero LGPL code in my code.)
march 2019 by euler
Meanwhile, on my end... - The Tao of Mac
There is a little bit of magic involved here–you need to know how the Objective-C bridge name mangling works, but I’ve had plenty of experience with the Python bridge, so it all boils down to a bit of experience and educated trial and error.

But it works fine for HEIC, DNG and CRW (Canon RAW), and I’ll be rewriting my Automator workflows to incorporate it as time permits.
EXIF  HEIC  DNG  Javascript 
march 2019 by euler
HEIC and JPG files - Apple Community
For each and every HEIC image or HEVC video, there I´will be an additional JPEG or MOV stored in the folder /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.apple.MediaLibraryService/Data/Library /Caches/com.apple.iLifeMediaBrowser.ILPhotosTranscodeCache/
Even if your Photos Library is on an external drive, this folder will eat up storage on your system drive.
But I import all new photos and videos to my library in HEIC and HEVC format nevertheless.
macOS  HEIC  sysadmin 
february 2019 by euler
With Snapdragon 855 chip, Android phones get iPhone’s photo-packing ability - CNET
Google's Android Pie, aka version 9.0, added the ability to view HEIC files earlier this year, and Windows 10 followed suit soon after. But hardware support in Qualcomm processors will encourage phone makers to actually let us take photos with the technology.

"This will be the first Snapdragon processor that has dedicated hardware for the HEIF format," Jacobowitz said. "You'll be able to capture HEIF photos at really high speed and really low power by burning it into the hardware."
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january 2019 by euler
Google, Apple, Adobe make your phone photos better by boosting raw format - CNET
The second is that some of the newest photography advances -- iPhones' 3D depth maps or Pixel phones' Night Sight, for example -- aren't an option for raw photos, at least for now. Google's Super Res Zoom technology can produce a raw file, but it's cropped compared to the JPEG, negating the feature's telephoto advantage. Even one basic iPhone camera feature, image stabilization to counteract your shaky hand, isn't available when shooting raw, Adobe said, which worsens low-light performance.
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january 2019 by euler
How to work with, edit, and share HEIC images without data loss
The image format used by iPhones has a lot of advantages but more than a year since its adoption, it's still not fully supported. AppleInsider examines the problems you can face editing HEIC images and what you can do about it.
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january 2019 by euler
Apowersoft Kostenloser HEIC-Konverter - HEIC in JPG umwandeln
Denn es ist sehr einfach, HEIF-Bilder (.heic) in JPEGs umzuwandeln. Die Qualität des Bildes wird während der Konvertierung nicht kompromittiert.
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march 2018 by ferdinandfuchs

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