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article about tipico coffee masonry heater
Tipico coffee masonry heater article
partenered with: Empire Masonry Heaters in Rochester

Another: http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2015/03/019.html
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9 weeks ago by manewto
Saarbrücken research team uses artificial muscles to develop an air conditioner for the future | Universität des Saarlandes
Using nitinol shape memory alloys as the thermal medium/matrix in a thermal wheel rotary air heat exchanger, where the wheel itself is the HVAC system!
rotary  heat  exchanger  thermal  wheel  air  entropy  nitinol  shape  memory  alloy  metal  conditioner  heater  HVAC  mechanical  materials  science  research  technology  cooling  heating 
march 2019 by asteroza
Heatworks | Reinventing the way the world heats and uses water – MyHeatworks.com
So they are directly running electricity through the water, via a dynamically controlled array of graphite electrodes to manage the resistance in the circuit, to ohmicly heat the water on demand. They have guard ground electrodes to keep the thing from electrocuting you downstream.
tankless  water  heater  ohmic  array  heating 
march 2019 by asteroza
1500W Electric Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater - Space Heaters - Climate Control Appliances - Household Appliances - Home & Garden
It can effectively and quickly heat any room of the house with the timer oil-filled radiator.
If you want immediate relief from the cold in the shortest time possible, this heater's unique d
march 2019 by ken30096
Pelonis 1500-Watt Digital Oil-Filled Radiant Portable Heater with Remote Control-NY1507-14A - The Home Depot
Adjustable thermostat for personal comfort Overheat protection device Solid. Heavy gauge steel with durable. Rust-free enamel finish Whole room convection heating 7-fin electric heater. Oil never needs
february 2019 by ken30096
4 Signs There Is An Issue With Your Gas Water Heater
It is important for homeowners with gas water heaters to be able to recognize the signs that there is something wrong with their systems so they can respond accordingly.
plumbing  gas  heater 
february 2019 by Adventure_Web
How to Win the Battle with Condensation | FreedomVans
complete vapor barrier - on warm side of insulation
proper ventilation - crack windows or vent out the floor
diesel heater snugger heater) to avoid dew point
airflow - ventilation fan
limit exposed metal - carpet reduces condensation
vanlife  advice  fan  heater  condensation 
january 2019 by bwiese

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