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The Right Alpha
Jared's heats are starting to become more than Jeff can help him with, and as a good pet owner, Jeff is determined to find an alpha that can help him through it.7,549
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  heat  knotting  a/b/o  Alpha!Jensen  Omega!Jared 
yesterday by Misspookielo
For Your Convenience
John receives a call from Sam's school informing him his son has presented omega and does his best to care for him.

Basically John Winchester totally out of his element and doing his best.
Sam/Dean  a/b/o  omega!sam  alpha!dean  bottom!sam  top!dean  first-time  heat  knotting  possessive!dean 
2 days ago by Misspookielo
Fever Cherry Pie
Sammy's passed out on tranqs and smells irresistible. 1,825
Sam/Dean  NC-17  bottom!sam  top!dean  non-con  a/b/o  alpha!dean  omega!sam  somnophilia  dark  heat  knotting 
2 days ago by Misspookielo
His Second Suitor - 27dragons - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Omegas are rarer even than Alphas, kept for their protection in sheltered Houses until they’re old enough to be presented to the public and courted. Bucky has lived in Hydra House since he was fourteen, and had the special attention of Alexander Pierce since he was sixteen. Now, officially available, he finds himself with a second suitor -- the infamous Tony Stark. Bucky knows which of his suitors he’d prefer to choose, but his House disagrees. Strongly.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  27dragons  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  courtship  regency!au  heat  bonded 
23 days ago by southerly
Beginning and the End - Shi_Toyu - Captain America - All Media Types, Iron Man - All Media Types, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark: Genius, Billionaire, Omega, Philanthopist, Youngest Member of the Avengers

James "Bucky" Barnes: Soldier, Alpha, HYDRA Asset, Besotted Fool


That about sums it up.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  Shi_Toyu  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  hurt/comfort  heat  bonded 
23 days ago by southerly
Learn about Cold Air Returns & Heat Runs - DIY
Learn about Cold Air Returns & Heat Runs - DIY
Learn  about  Cold  Air  Returns  &  Heat  Runs  -  DIY  concealed  duct  mini-split 
4 weeks ago by kilroy2
DIY How To Install A Heat Duct Going To The Floor in Your Basement
DIY How To Install A Heat Duct Going To The Floor in Your Basement
Install  A  Heat  Duct  Going  The  Floor  in  Your  Basement  concealed  mini-split  renovision 
4 weeks ago by kilroy2

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