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Quick Green Goddess Fig Nourish Bowls {Vegan, Paleo}
WHOA, buy some green goddess dressing and make the bowl with FIGS, reen apple, spinach, almonds, cabbage, sprouts/greens, balsamic vinegar, maybe some fresh berries, yooooooo
recipe  entree  vegetarian  healthy  vegan 
6 days ago by bobrhyn
Slow Cooker Eggplant Lasagna
Slice eggplant really thin, layer with onion, bell pepper, cottage cheese, mozzarella, and pasta sauce! Cook for 2.5 hours in slow cooker.
recipe  entree  italianfood  healthy  vegetarian  slowcooker 
6 days ago by bobrhyn
One Pot Bruschetta Chicken Pasta - Sweet Cs Designs
Okay, you have to have bruschetta spread. But otherwise: chicken breasts, asparagus, pasta, onion!
recipe  entree  pasta  weeknight  chicken  healthy 
6 days ago by bobrhyn
Sushi Rice Recipe | Bon Appetit
Maybe sub some of the maple syrup with honey. Use the flavoring for jasmine rice. Serve with edamame and green onions, cilantro.
Recipes  BA  salmon  Seafood  miso  caramelized  easy  rice  sushi  glazed  healthy  makesoon  weeknight 
17 days ago by lala7625

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