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Example 29-1. Using /dev/tcp for troubleshooting

# /dev/tcp redirection to check Internet connection.
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25 days ago by hellsten
grpc/ at master · grpc/grpc
Health checks are used to probe whether the server is able to handle rpcs. The client-to-server health checking can happen from point to point or via some control system. A server may choose to reply “unhealthy” because it is not ready to take requests, it is shutting down or some other reason. The client can act accordingly if the response is not received within some time window or the response says unhealthy in it.

A GRPC service is used as the health checking mechanism for both s...
health  grpc  check  healthcheck 
february 2019 by devnulled
Runscope/healthcheck: Write simple healthcheck functions for your Flask apps.
Write simple healthcheck functions for your Flask apps. - Runscope/healthcheck
python  healthcheck 
september 2018 by arobinski
grpc/ at master · grpc/grpc
The C based gRPC (C++, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#) - grpc/grpc
grpc  healthcheck  health  check 
august 2018 by pinterb

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