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Kickass Headline Generator for Increasing Conversions
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11 days ago by matopher
The Psychology Triggers Behind Clickbait Titles and Why We Click Them
Because they are relevant (correlate with interests) and generate a desire for resolution:
* curiosity ("you won't believe what happened next")
* numbers
* confirmation that what the reader believe is right ("Why You Were So Right When You Voted for X")
* shock ("Laura Bush Is Pregnant, at Sixty-Seven Years Old!")
* desire - sex, sleep ("Here’s How to Make Sure You Sleep Like a ROCK Tonight"), organization, food, money etc.
* anger ("Here’s the Real Reason The Government Takes 40% of Your Paycheck")
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22 days ago by dandv
The Way We Talk About CSS
CSS now has some amazing layout capabilities that we can take advantage of, and while you're sitting there thinking "Yeah, Grid and Flex is great" that's not what I mean. Let Rachel open your eyes to new ways to think (and talk) about CSS.
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5 weeks ago by justinavery
The FAQ as Advice Column · An A List Apart Article
I love this for two reasons. 1) I can't stand accordions used on a web page. I'm not being dogmatic about them either, I'll even admit that a carousel can be put to good use.... but an accordion is where I draw the line; and 2) I agree that a FAQ is a holding ground for valuable content that you should have included within the actual website content. BUT, it's great for common questions that are posed by people... sometimes people work better reading through a question and answer statement rather than the troves of paragraphs that someone has cleverly crated but forgotten the point of actually informing the user.

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5 weeks ago by justinavery

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