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Conversations with Robots: Voice, Smart Agents & the Case for Structured Content
I've been banging on about the importance of structured content for as long as I can remember, and I always push to include as much microdata markup included on the website templates I come across when schema.org is applicable. In this article Andy outlines why structured content is so important in todays web world of robots, voice, and smart agents
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5 days ago by justinavery
Responsive design
A truly great (epic) article on the current state of responsive design in 2018/19 and the design/developer relationship. It delves into how we should think about designs and the different process and outputs that might be required. A great way to start off 2019.
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12 days ago by justinavery
Designing for Interaction Modes
When we talk about responsive design our minds usually go straight towards viewports and having a layout 'respond' to the width, and height, of the available screen space to best display the content for the person consuming our content. In this article from Andrew Grimes (who I really want to meet and have as a friend so that I can refer to him as Grimey and fulfill one of my favourite Simpsons episode... although I don't want it to end the same) he touches on an important aspect which is often overlooked... the context in which the content is being consumed. When you're in a car, when you're on the move, when you're in a panicked state... each of these situations might require similar information and content but provided in vastly different ways... and the viewport has nothing to do with any of it.
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26 days ago by justinavery
Risking a Homogeneous Web - TimKadlec.com
I always like the way which Tim explains concepts and this is no difference. As I mention later in the email, I'm not a fan of Microsoft's hint towards going Chromium and Tim explains those reasons better than I could.
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5 weeks ago by justinavery
Should Designers Code
I'll give you a quick overview of the article's answer. No. There's two reasons why Jens responds in this way, and I'll leave you to read that when you click on the link above. For me... well I chop and change and I think that depends on the designer I'm working with, and even the particular project I'm working on with the designer.

For me, designers are problem solvers. They take a problem, and produce a solution. The thing is that ever designer is at a different level of experience. Some are excellent at defining the best journey for a user, and some are able to provide a visually engaging interface. Neither of them are any less a designer than the other, they just have different levels of skill in particular areas.

I've never heard anyone say that they are worse at their job after learning a new skill. If you become more knowledgeable in a particular area of expertise, you often become better in other areas as a result and not worse.

If a designer learns to code they will not all of a sudden become less creative or not want to push the boundaries, they'll just become more knowledgeable about the boundaries that exist.

(maybe don't include) The potentiall occasion where this might pull back a partiuclar designers approach to something will be greatly overshadowed by the amount of time

Can we compare this to an engineer of a bridge or an architect of a house? Can they come up with amazing solutions that fit the users requirements perfects and look amazing but are not currently possible to build?

Sometimes this kind of radical thinking can push the boundaries of an industry and open new doors that would otherwise have never been closed. But, these events are rare.

Most often, most likely the 99.99% of time we need something that is an amazing solution that can be delivered with the tools, fittings, fixtures and approach that we have within our current toolbelt.
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6 weeks ago by justinavery

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