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Curbed Boston Pocket Guide: Spring 2018
26 of the region's must-experience places
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Hannah Lash, composer
Lash obtained her Ph.D in Composition from Harvard University in 2010. She has held teaching positions at Harvard University (Teaching Fellow), at Alfred University (Guest Professor of Composition), and currently serves on the composition faculty at Yale University School of Music.
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At Harvard, historic Massachusetts Hall stands the test of time, with a little help – Harvard Gazette
It’s been a dormitory, an army barracks, a lecture hall, an observatory, administrative offices. With a birthday in 1720, it’s older than the United States.

In its almost 300 years, Massachusetts Hall, the oldest surviving Harvard building, has stood as silent witness to the continuous metamorphosis of the campus and community surrounding it. From housing the Continental Army during the Revolution in 1775‒76 to surviving a devastating fire in 1924, the building’s resilience is largely due to meticulous preservation and maintenance spanning centuries.
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Gov. Course Puts Presidential Politics Under the Microscope | News | The Harvard Crimson
Data and science are king—or president, rather—in Carlos E. Díaz Rosillo’s class on American presidential elections, Government 1359: “The Road to the White House.”

The course, which is offered every four years to coincide with presidential elections, has seen record enrollment this semester. With more than 514 students enrolled as of Thursday night, the Road to the White House is the second largest course at the College this semester.

Gov 1359 is not your typical government course. While the class has a syllabus, its curriculum closely follows the events of each presidential election, which now in 2016 is heating up as the field narrows. As a result, no two iterations of the course are exactly alike.

SOMETHING THAT COULD BE RELEVANT TO MY HPR ARTICLE: “I think based on the data and based on what we know right now, I’d say it’s going to be Donald Trump or Marco Rubio,” Díaz Rosillo said.
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Tony C. Hsieh ’95 - Founder of Zappos | Magazine | The Harvard Crimson
Tony C. Hsieh ’95 has an eye for business—and a head for it. The CEO of Zappos.com, an online retail store that sells everything from apparel to appliances, is so passionate about his company that he tattooed its logo onto the top of his shaved head. The former Computer Science concentrator has an entrepreneurial streak that dates back to his time at Harvard.

Hsieh, a former Quincy House resident, groomed his entrepreneurial skills while running the Quincy Grille with his roommate. They expanded the Grille’s menu during their tenure, installing pizza ovens to meet students’ desire for late-night greasy eats.
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Opinion | Robert E. Rubin: Philosophy Prepared Me for a Career in Finance and Government - The New York Times
By Robert E. Rubin

Mr. Rubin was secretary of the Treasury from 1995 to 1999.

April 30, 2018

Raphael Demos. Professor Demos, an authority on Greek philosophy, was Harvard’s Alford Professor of Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy and Civil Policy. But to me, when I took a class with him my sophomore year, he was a genial little man with white hair and an exceptional talent for engaging students from the lecture hall stage, using an overturned wastebasket as his lectern. Professor Demos would use Plato and other great philosophers to demonstrate that proving any proposition to be true in the final and ultimate sense was impossible. His approach to critical thinking planted a seed in me that grew during my years at Harvard and throughout my life. The approach appealed to what was probably my natural but latent tendency toward questioning and skepticism.

I concluded that you can’t prove anything in absolute terms, from which I extrapolated that all significant decisions are about probabilities. Internalizing the core tenet of Professor Demos’s teaching — weighing risk and analyzing odds and trade-offs — was central to everything I did professionally in the decades ahead in finance and government.......Demos crystallized for me the power of critical thinking: asking questions, recognizing that there are no provable certainties and analyzing the probabilities. And that, coupled with my coffeehouse lessons, was the best preparation one could have — not just for a career but also for life.
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