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Harvard affirmative action case pits Asian Americans against each other — and everyone else
It is incumbent upon Asian Americans to rewrite the script. Asian Americans can both #defenddiversity and condemn anti-Asian discrimination. ...
In fact, Asian Americans experience the greatest income inequality in the United States. Lumping all Asian Americans together most harms underrepresented Southeast Asian American groups who face barriers to education, health care, and affordable housing.
Asian Americans must resist ideas like “overrepresentation” that inherently pit minority groups against one another in higher education, conveniently distracting from the Asian American penalty relative to white applicants. The argument that Asian Americans are overrepresented also ignores that Asian Americans enroll in college at higher rates than other minority groups but experience the lowest admissions rate of any group.
Harvard’s lower acceptance rate for Asian Americans is explained, if not by illegal racial balancing, then by Harvard’s Asian personality penalty. ...
Do Asian Americans buy into the idea that we have inferior personalities, or do we recognize that the Harvard admissions process is susceptible to social prejudice?
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