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Harvard Is Wrong That Asians Have Terrible Personalities
There’s a moving passage contained in a deposition taken in the major class-action lawsuit accusing Harvard University of racial bias against Asian-Americans. An attorney for Students for Fair Admissions, the nonprofit group representing a dozen Asian-Americans denied admission by Harvard, confronts the assistant principal of Stuyvesant High School with evidence that white students applying to Harvard in 2014 from her school were more than twice as likely to be admitted to the university as were her Asian-American students.

The assistant principal, Casey Pedrick, starts to cry.
(Witness crying.)
Q. I’m sorry this is upsetting to you. Do you want to take a break?
A. (Witness shakes her head no.)
Q. You want to keep going? Do you want to tell me why this is so upsetting to you?
A. Because these numbers make it seem like there’s discrimination, and I love these kids, and I know how hard they work. So these just look like numbers to all you guys, but I see their faces.

That last sentence is worth lingering on for a moment. When Ms. Pedrick looks in the faces of her Asian students, who comprise more than 70 percent of the population at Stuyvesant, she doesn’t see any one of them as “yet another textureless math grind,” as M.I.T.’s dean of admissions was brazen enough to call a Korean-American student to Daniel Golden, the author of “The Price of Admission.” She doesn’t see her students as an arrogant, privileged “ethnic group” who think they “own admission” to these high-performing schools, as the new chancellor of New York City Schools, Richard Carranza, recently put it.
Ms. Pedrick knows that her Asian students believe they have to earn their admission to Stuyvesant in the only way anyone has for more than four decades: by passing a rigorous entrance exam. Their parents will often invest a major share of the family income into test preparation courses to help them pass — this despite the fact that more Asians live in poverty than any other group in New York City.
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
The Curse of Affirmative Action
A lawsuit challenges Harvard’s betrayal of “Veritas.”

Of all the names I’ve been called in life, including the usual anti-Semitic slurs, none has more sting than “affirmative action hire.”
I got that a lot on social media after I joined The Times. The meaning was clear: I was a quota-filler who had taken the place of somebody more deserving. Whatever I had accomplished, through talent or hard work, wasn’t enough. I was just fulfilling a misbegotten mandate for ideological diversity — and doing even that poorly, since, like every other columnist here, I’m also a Trump opponent.
The accusation always came from the left, and it contained an implicit admission. The very people who ordinarily championed affirmative action as a cornerstone of a decent society — for giving a needed leg up to the systemically disadvantaged — had no trouble understanding the other dimension of the policy — an unfair preference for the unqualified. They knew that “affirmative action,” whatever its benefits as a form of social engineering, was a synonym for mediocrity.
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
3 Takeaways From Harvard’s Alumni Interview Handbook
Instead of grilling students on test scores or grade-point averages, interviewers are encouraged to discuss the applicant’s passions and interests. Sample questions: “Which courses do you enjoy?” “What do you do in the summer?” “What blogs or sites do you read regularly?”
Students’ responses are evaluated under such criteria as perceived potential, time-management skills, initiative, motivation, interests, and decisiveness. Other criteria appear to be more subjective, asking alumni to rate each applicant according to whether they’d want to share a room or meal with that student.
Applicants are not matched with interviewers on the basis of race, gender, or special interests, according to the handbook. The university does not want applicants to think that they are being evaluated on factors other than grades, personality, and extracurricular activities.
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
Admitting Bias
"Harvard had proof its admissions process was hurting Asian Americans. How will its dean explain why he did nothing about it?"
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
A lawsuit reveals how peculiar Harvard’s definition of merit is
Abbott Lawrence Lowell, the president of Harvard from 1909 until 1933, thought the university had too many Jews [“the Hebrew problem”]. ... he set about making “a rule whose motive was less obvious on its face” to deny admission to students suspected of being Jewish. Admission to Harvard, previously granted by meeting a clear academic cut-off, became more nebulous—based more heavily on the “character and fitness” of applicants. The new “holistic” admissions policy worked as intended, successfully suppressing Jewish admissions. ...
Harvard, like many of America’s top universities, retains a holistic admissions process. Unlike elite universities in most other countries, American colleges do not simply select the cleverest pupils—they also take into account extracurricular activities, family wealth and race. To critics, this system still operates as an engine of unfairness, except that the victims have now become Asian-Americans, who outperform their white peers on academic measures but still face stiffer odds when applying to Ivy League colleges.
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
Internal Harvard Review Showed Disadvantage for Asian Applicants
Harvard’s internal research office concluded the College’s admissions policies produce “negative effects” for Asian Americans in a series of confidential reports circulated among top administrators in 2013, according to court documents filed early Friday morning in an ongoing lawsuit against the University. ...
In one 2013 report, OIR employees wrote that “Asian high achievers have lower rates of admission.” In others, OIR found that Asian American applicants earned consistently lower "personal" ratings from Harvard admissions officers than did applicants of other races despite earning consistently higher rankings for their academic records and tests scores. ...
“Following this presentation, Dean Fitzsimmons did not request any additional work from OIR into whether Asian-American applicants were being disadvantaged in response to the February 2013 Report,” the document states. “Dean Fitzsimmons did not share or discuss the February 2013 Report with anyone else in the Admissions Office or any senior leaders outside the Admissions Office.”

In early 2013, following the first report, OIR produced a second document titled “Admissions Part II” which specifically focused on differences in admission rates between Asian American and white applicants. The report solely compared admissions rates for “non-legacy, non-athlete” students.

The report found that Asian American applicants performed significantly better in rankings of test scores, academics, and overall scores from alumni interviews. Of 10 characteristics, white students performed significantly better in only one—rankings of personal qualities, which are assigned by the Admissions Office.

The report also found that, for students with comparable academic rankings or SAT scores, white students were generally admitted at higher rates than were Asian American students. The second report was also presented to Fitzsimmons and also spurred little further action, according to the SFFA filings.

A third OIR report—commissioned to gauge how low-income students fare in the admissions process—found a slight negative association between being Asian American and earning a spot at the College.
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
How Harvard’s Admissions Office Courts Donors and Low-Income Students
"One chart listed “tips” that ostensibly increase an applicant’s chances of getting accepted, in the order of their value to students. According to the chart, which was prepared by Harvard’s Office of Institutional Research in 2013, having the highest score (as determined by the admissions office) for athletic achievement was listed first, followed by a high personality rating, then being the child of an alum, then being African-American. Being of Asian descent was at the bottom of the list."
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
I support affirmative action. But Harvard really is hurting Asian Americans
"Why the Harvard lawsuit is painful for many Asian Americans like me."

For many Asian Americans of my generation, this year has been a powerful reminder of our awkward, tenuous position in American society. Many of us are assimilated enough, and accepted enough, that we often forget we are different. We are successful; we live and work among other successful people of different races who we think see us as the full and complex individuals we are.
Then comes the wake-up call. That’s not how they see us. Not for the admission officers applying tired and deeply hurtful ethnic tropes. Not for New York political leaders. Not for fellow progressives who can’t seem to say that they support affirmative action, but that Harvard also messed up.
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4 days ago by jimmykduong
Court Filings Reveal Academic Strength of Asian-American Applicants to Harvard
Sixty percent of Asian-American applicants garner academic ratings higher than 3+, compared to 45 percent of white applicants, according to SFFA’s filings. Twenty-eight percent of Asian-American Harvard hopefuls receive a 2 or higher on their extracurricular rating, compared to 24 percent of white candidates. And Asian-Americans boast the lowest fraction of applicants that receive an overall rating worse than 3. ...
The University first unearthed data indicating Asian-American applicants tend to earn comparatively higher academic rankings several years ago. A 2013 internal Harvard report found Asian American applicants performed significantly better on test scores, academics, and overall scores from alumni interviews. Of 10 total characteristics, white students performed significantly better in only one—rankings of personal qualities assigned by the Admissions Office.
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5 days ago by jimmykduong
Smoking Gun on Anti-Asian Bias at Harvard?
"Internal reports, released by those suing the university, show use of personality rankings in ways that hurt Asian applicants' chances of admission. Under academic criteria only, their numbers would go way up."

"While we find that low-income students clearly receive a 'tip' in the admissions process, our descriptive analysis and regression models also shows that the tip for legacies and athletes is larger and that there are demographic groups that have negative effects."
The memo was prescient. With the release of numerous internal Harvard documents by the plaintiffs in the case, the university received strong scrutiny in the news media -- and may face tougher scrutiny from a federal court considering the lawsuit.
That's because the documents suggest that Harvard was aware that Asian-Americans are the primary group feeling "negative effects" of various admissions policies.
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5 days ago by jimmykduong
And... the clip, in which I now realize I quoted Bismarck. As one does 🤟
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6 days ago by Vince
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
And... the clip, in which I now realize I quoted Bismarck. As one does 🤟
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6 days ago by Vince

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