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Summary of Modified Fonts - MobileRead Forums
With all the fonts people are modifying, I thought it might help to get them at least listed in one post. Rather than attaching the fonts to this message, if you click on the little blue icon after the original poster's name, you will go to their original post.
fonts  kobo.reader  hardwaresupport  links  forumthread  mobilereading  kobo.reader.app  downloads  free 
2 days ago by ezequiel
Plato: A document reader for PDF, ePUB, DjVu, etc. - MobileRead Forums
Plato is a document reader for Kobo's e-readers.
It was tested on the following devices:
* Forma.
* Aura H₂O Edition 2.
* Aura Edition 2.
* Aura ONE (FW 4.10.11655).
* Glo HD (FW 4.12.12111).
* Aura H₂O.
* Aura (FW 4.12.12111).
* Glo.
* Touch C.
kobo.reader  kobo.reader.app  hardwaresupport  forumthread  2017  installation  howto  fileformats  pdf  epub  djvu  mobilereading 
9 weeks ago by ezequiel
Installation on Kobo devices · koreader/koreader Wiki
Touch, Mini, Glo, Aura, Glo HD, Aura HD, H2O, Touch 2.0, Aura One, Aura Edition 2, H2O Edition 2, Clara HD, Forma [...]
kobo.reader  github  wikientry  installation  guide  links  howto  hardwaresupport  software  downloads  kobo.reader.app 
9 weeks ago by ezequiel
Kobo-Adding alternative readers using Kobo Start Menu - MobileRead Forums
Kobo-Adding alternative readers using Kobo Start Menu

Adds; Kobo Start Menu, Coolreader, Chess, other games and utilities, and Koreader
kobo.reader  apps  applications  howto  installation  forumthread  2014  tips  example  hardwaresupport  downloads  links  software  fileformats  reader  mobilereading  kobo.reader.app 
9 weeks ago by ezequiel
Hacking the Kobo Clara HD – 5: Setting up SSH
Last time, we set up telnet on the Clara HD and set up the USB network interface. Now we will extend this to enable SSH on the device.
kobo.reader  kobo.reader.app  howto  install  guide  blogpost  links  2018  hardwaresupport  cli  example  ssh 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
Kobo Bug thread - MobileRead Forums
This is an attempt to organize bug reports for Kobo products. I hope in future a subforum for bugs will be created instead.
kobo.reader  forumthread  issue  workaround  hardwaresupport  mobilereading 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
Patrick G's homepage
Blog/articles about the Kobo eReaders, linux sysadmin, virtualbox, (linux) hardware support, etc.
blog  howto  tips  sysadmin  linux  virtualbox  example  cli  hardwaresupport  kobo.reader  software  links  firmware  downloads  laptop  kobo.reader.app 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
WineHQ - Kobo Desktop
Purchase and read eBooks, online newspapers and magazines.
software  freeware  hardwaresupport  ebooks  windows  winecompatible  links  howto  configuration  test  kobo.reader 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
Aura Database Size on Device - MobileRead Forums
Q: I've got a few thousand books on my Kobo Aura and have just noticed that the KoboReader.sqlite database on the reader is nearly 700MB in size. Does this seem excessive to anyone else? I compacted the database externally using SQLiteBrowser (there wasn't enough room for the journal file on the reader itself) but this only saved a few MB. [...]
2013  mobilereading  forumthread  hardwaresupport  hardware  database  issue  workaround  fileformats  kobo.reader  sqlite 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
Installing Adobe Digital Editions using WINE [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
A: [...] Plug in the nook and it should auto-mount to /media/nook. Open the Wine Configuration tool (Applications->Wine->Configure Wine) and click on the Drives tab.
Find and click on the drive mapping for /media/nook. In my case this was the I: drive.
Click the Show Advanced button and from the Type drop-down, select Floppy disk.
Click Apply and leave the Configuration window open. In my case, whenever I clicked OK or closed the window, it would not save the settings. This could be an issue on my end.
Open Adobe Digital Editions and the nook should appear in the list. [...]
(me: [2019] ADE could not find the Sony PRS-T2, no matter what the drive configuration was)
2008  2011  2014  forumthread  winecompatible  kobo.reader  hardwaresupport  wine  configuration  usb  howto  tips  ubuntu  linux  sonyreader  sony.prs.t2 
10 weeks ago by ezequiel
My gamepad(arcade stick) not work only in linux : linux4noobs [reddit]
Q: Hi guys, i buyed a pxn arcade stick this one i can play without problems on all my devices, but on linux(antergos kde and kernel 4.16) the arcade is dead, no leds(only macro button led work) or anything else works. [...]
hardwaresupport  linux  sysadmin  issue  workaround  2018  forumthread  reddit  kernelmodule  gaming  usb  udev 
august 2018 by ezequiel
usb - Why doesn't this udev rule trigger upon removal of the device? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Q: [...] The ADD action works fine, the REMOVE action doesn't. Executing either of the RUN commands manually in a terminal works fine. [...]
(me: proposed solution didn't quite worked for an usb-connected joystick)
2013  2017  udev  hardwaresupport  usb  linux  sysadmin  kernelmodule  configuration  tips  howto  issue  workaround 
august 2018 by ezequiel
Gamepad - ArchWiki
Joysticks can be a bit of a hassle to get working in Linux. Not because they are poorly supported, but simply because you need to determine which modules to load to get your joystick working, and it's not always very obvious!
wikientry  gamepad  joystick  gaming  configuration  sysadmin  linux  arch  workaround  issue  faq  links  kernelmodule  hardwaresupport  tips  howto 
august 2018 by ezequiel

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