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The impossible dream of USB-C – Marco.org
The current state of USB-C is a cluster fuck. Too many things are being asked to fit into one thing. Complexity and confusion is the only outcome.
apple  usb  hardware 
yesterday by jefframnani
sinobitorg/hardware: Hardware designs for the sino:bit
upgrade the LED matrix from 5x5 to 12x12. This allows for support of Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic and other non-Latin character based languages.
opensource  education  hardware 
yesterday by tamberg
TP-Link wifi wireless T4UH stops working at 5Ghz
windows 10 and T4uh 5ghz AC fixed

My T4UH could see 5GHz AP but was only able to connect on 2.4 ghz N signal ~150 mbps. I have current driver and an Eero mesh network with a wired gigabit connection behind it.. I was able to fix in Win 10 device mgr by changing wireless mode in advanced tab to 802.11 a/n/ac. It took a few minutes for everything to reset and reconnect, but seems stable now and am getting full connect and 867mbps
wifi  windows  hardware  fix 
yesterday by amason

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