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Harbor: Manage and serve container images in a secure environment
Harbor is an open source cloud native registry that stores, signs, and scans container images for vulnerabilities.

Harbor solves common challenges by delivering trust, compliance, performance, and interoperability.
cloud  container  devops  docker  harbor  vmware 
august 2018 by bsantanna
VMware® Open Source Software
Building Open Source for Everyone
Collaboration, community, and curiosity - essential ingredients to a vibrant open source community and part of VMware's culture. VMware's developers participate in a wide variety of open source projects through technical contributions, community leadership, and project innovation. This page highlights a few of the open source projects created and released by our engineers.
vmware  opensource  container  harbor 
august 2018 by bsantanna
Harbor is an open source cloud native registry that stores, signs, and scans container images for vulnerabilities.
harbor  cloud  container  docker  registry  repository  devops  vmware 
august 2018 by vicchow

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