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RT : مُفْرح Mufreh.. #خط #عربي #لاتيني #جديد يدوي سريع وكاريكاتيري.

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10 days ago by asibahi
Siobhan Phillips, "Should you feel sad about the demise of the handwritten letter?" Aeon
"Physicality feeds the letter’s distinct appeal. Words on paper bring something that one person has touched to the touch of another; they metonymically figure the human body by transporting its combination of persistence and perishability."
SiobhanPhillips  letters  handwriting  correspondence  Aeon  PublicSphere 
14 days ago by briansholis
John Vincler, "A Private Literature," The Paris Review
"Looking at manuscripts allows us to imagine, for a moment, the impossible utopia of a literature without the bureaucratic middleman of publishing. Should this be called a private literature?"
JohnVincler  EmilyDickinson  SusanHowe  RobertWalser  TheParisReview  handwriting  manuscripts  LiteraryCriticism  PersonalEssay 
14 days ago by briansholis
Get Microsoft Font Maker - Microsoft Store
So Microsoft published this tool to make custom fonts based on your handwriting!
microsoft  custom  font  generator  handwriting 
25 days ago by asteroza
In Pursuit of Penmanship
Apparently these are some good handwriting practice exercises (via a YouTube commenter).
youtube  2018  handwriting  exercises 
27 days ago by handcoding
Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes
This is that site that some redditors recommended for learning to write with one’s shoulder rather than with one’s wrist.
writing  handwriting  2018  calligraphy 
28 days ago by handcoding
The Laser Line-Projector is pretty neat : PenmanshipPorn
This is that Reddit thread that has some pointers about writing with one’s shoulder rather than one’s wrist.
writing  handwriting  calligraphy  reddit  2018 
28 days ago by handcoding
iPad screen protector with paper feel
product  handwriting  apple  ios 
4 weeks ago by psst

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