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Can Chinese Write Their Own Language? | ASIAN BOSS - YouTube
Can Chinese Write Their Own Language? | ASIAN BOSS
July 19, 2018
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13 hours ago by asfaltics
Cinnamon English - Disruptive AI to extend human potential
Apparently they have a deep learning based OCR engine that's decent
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12 days ago by asteroza
The Evolution of Writing
Writing – a system of graphic marks representing the units of a specific language – has been invented independently in the Near East, China and Mesoamerica. The cuneiform script, created in Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, ca. 3200 BC, was first. It is also the only writing system which can be traced to its earliest prehistoric origin. This antecedent of the cuneiform script was a system of counting and recording goods with clay tokens. The evolution of writing from tokens to pictography, syllabary and alphabet illustrates the development of information processing to deal with larger amounts of data in ever greater abstraction.

Link: https://sites.utexas.edu/dsb/tokens/the-evolution-of-writing/
PDF: http://sites.utexas.edu/dsb/files/2014/01/evolution_writing.pdf
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19 days ago by walt74
Calligraphr - Draw your own fonts.
Transform your handwriting and calligraphy into fully functional vector fonts with our web application. Creating your own font has never been easier.
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5 weeks ago by atran

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