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Actinomycetes Tournament: Open antibiotics discovery - Hackteria
We want to screen soil bacteria, such as Actinomyces, Streptomyces and Micromonospora for antibiotic properties. It is a global citizen science initiative started by DIYbio Waag, which uses game elements (collecting and tournaments) to support open drug discovery of antibiotics.
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october 2013 by derishus
microfluidics for label-free particle sorting
Microfluidic particle fractionation based on the inherent properties of e.g. cells, microorganisms and organelles offers significant improvements over conventional techniques in terms of ease of handling and usage, speed and reductions in cost. We will consolidate the field at the European level and create a unique comprehensive training program that rests on solid experimental and theoretical foundations.
training  particle  hackteria  microfluidics  sorter  theory  EU  research  nanbiotechnology  diagnostics 
october 2013 by derishus
Medical Museion | Biohacking forside
"Medical Museion is currently hosting an open biohacking laboratory, pieced together from recycled furniture, IKEA cabinets, and cheap “hacked” instruments made by do-it-yourself biologists from BiologiGaragen and Hackteria. At a series of hands-on events and discussions, visitors are invited to step inside the world of practical biotechnology, and encounter the dreams and realities of open science.

This is an online version of the exhibition where you can also find photos, video and press coverage. Click on the titles below to explore:"
medicalmuseion  biohacking  ncmideas  hacking  events  openstudioproject  lcproject  hackerspaces  makerspaces  citizenscience  biologigarden  hackteria  biology  science  biotech  biotechnology 
august 2013 by robertogreco
Welcome to - Open Culture Technology
The GaudiLabs are an experiment in developping open source culture technology. The lab is a creative space for working, thinking and living where culture and technology meet.
hackteria  tools  DIY  technology  openhardware  resource  hackerspace  DIYbio  Switzerland 
march 2013 by derishus
front : hostprods
Andy Gracie’s work is concerned with information systems contained within living organisms and ecosystems and how they may be accessed and processed through the use of technology. His work reflects on the ideas of Umwelt and biosemiotics developed by von Uexkull and Seboek as it aims to explore how signs, symbols and signifiers may form a common link between artificial and natural intelligences. He is interested in using organisms as data processing systems in an effort to extract meaning and to examine how forms of robotic entity can become immersed in living networks. This interest extends to examining how organic and inorganic systems can be wired together through various channels, where communication and presence are realised by agency.
technology  Spain  hackteria  newmedia  mapping  datafeeds  nature  robotics  art  sound  robots 
april 2012 by derishus
hostdev | developments at hostprods…
Hostdev is a blog covering development and progress of the projects of Andy Gracie (hostprods) starting from now – September 11th, 2009....
The blog will continue at least until late 2010 and the completion of this phase of the Deep Data project, and it may even carry on after that.
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april 2012 by derishus
Jaaga | Creative Common Ground
Jaaga, based in Bangalore, India, seeks to nurture innovative endeavors by providing space, core infrastructure, and a diverse social environment. We explore new ways of using pallet rack shelving to create a social gathering place...We focus on art and culture that use digital technology in new ways...
technology  newmedia  digitalarts  space  performance  electronicmusic  art  community  science  engineering  electronics  DIY  hackteria  hackerspace  Bangalore  India  architecture 
december 2011 by derishus

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