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Representing 1 of 3 regions affected by 1177 privacy failure Johan Bratt, Chief M.D. of Stockholm, responsible for quality and patient security said to SR it's "unacceptable and illegal according to the Patient Data Act", but that they'll continue "cooperating" with the company.
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1 hour ago by mikael
2,7 miljoner inspelade samtal till 1177 Vårdguiden helt oskyddade på internet
Computer Sweden avslöjar: alla telefonsamtal som ringts till 1177 sedan 2013 och som tagits emot av vårdentreprenören Medicall har legat helt öppet som ljudfiler på en oskyddad webbserver.
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3 hours ago by mikael
Shepherding The Lama To A New Home (Part II) | BimmerLife
Last week I made the surprise announcement that, to ease my cash flow and simplify my life a bit, I sold the Lama, my recent E28 5 Series acquisition. The buyers are Jim and Susan Brown Strickland. via Pocket
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5 hours ago by robmck
My 2003 BMW E39 530i is the best daily driver I’ve ever owned
About a month ago, I wrote a story about the worst car I ever owned—the 1970 Triumph GT6+ that I bought upon graduating high school 42 years ago. The piece generated more responses than anything I’ve written for Hagerty. Some folks thought I was too hard on the feisty little Brit. via Pocket
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5 hours ago by robmck
Dangerous Things
Biohacking equipment for the discerning biohacker
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10 hours ago by roggedoggelito

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