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EMAIL - The results snowball
Something I wish I'd known sooner is that in the early days of starting a new goal there's a huge discrepancy between effort and results.

When you first start, you're putting in maximum effort but the results are pretty much nonexistent. If I were to draw a pretty graph to represent that last sentence, it would look like this:
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3 days ago by lwhlihu
Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results by James Clear
Packed with evidence-based strategies, Atomic Habits will teach you how to make small changes that will transform your habits and deliver amazing results.
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9 days ago by skinnymuch
index - theXeffect
Wiki page / how to summary for the X effect (Don't break the chain habit forming method)
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9 days ago by mildlydiverting
Track and analyze your life habits with Google Apps
There are a ton of apps that help you track your daily habits and life activities. I’ve tried at least 10 of them, from simple “Do not break the chain” to promising “Gyroscope app” and famous…
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11 days ago by daledavies_me

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