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Magnesium Self-Experiments -
> This is a disappointing finding on several levels: from a biological perspective, magnesium is a vital micronutrient and deficiency expected and getting a result of harm makes me question my methods & results; from a practical perspective, it means that in addition to the considerable work required to set up & run the self-experiments, I inflicted a nontrivial level of harm on myself (-0.06 on >1 year’s worth of days); and from a decision perspective, this result is, ex post, worthless, as my default decision is to not supplement magnesium and the additional information doesn’t change my decision and so has a VoI of zero (only somewhat ameliorated by the possibility that the results will be of interest or use to readers).
magnesium  gwern  cognition 
10 weeks ago by porejide
"Additional sleep is linked with athletic and artistic success, that even a hour’s tampering with melatonin secretion leads to measurable performance changes, melatonin secretion declines markedly with age, and so on and so on."

"My rule of thumb is melatonin subtracts an hour. [..] That is: if one slept for 7 hours, one awakes as refreshed as if one had slept for 8 hours etc."
gwern  melatonin  health  sleep  healthyat200  supplement 
11 weeks ago by Confusion
Laws of Tech: Commoditize Your Complement -
A classic pattern in technology economics, identified by Joel Spolsky, is layers of the stack attempting to become monopolies while turning other layers into perfectly-competitive markets which are commoditized, in order to harvest most of the consumer surplus; discussion and examples.
economics  business  gwern 
february 2019 by zethraeus
Internet Search Tips
"A description of tips and tricks for effective Internet search of papers/books for research."
search  research  !N-🏺-information-geisteswissenschaften  gwern 
february 2019 by beyondseven
Internet Search Tips
"Over time, I developed a certain google-fu and expertise in finding references, papers, and books online. Some of these tricks are not well-known, like checking the Internet Archive (IA). I try to write down my search workflow, and give general advice about finding and hosting documents."
learning  search  gwern  internet  google 
december 2018 by dualhammers
Cat Sense, Bradshaw 2013: Are We Good Owners? -
Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet, Bradshaw 2013 (homepage): Popularization of scientific research on domestic cat psychology, starting with its history & evolution. (Bradshaw has researched cats for decades, written a similar book on dogs called Dog Sense, and co-authored in 2016 with Ellis The Trainable Cat.)
cats  gwern  psychology 
december 2018 by dill
Resorting Media Ratings -
Script that creates a uniform distribution of ratings by asking a series of "Do you like this better than this?" questions.
statistics  ratings  gwern  metadata  organizing  organizationn  algorithm 
november 2018 by kurige
Laws of Tech: Commoditize Your Complement -
> Joel Spolsky in 2002 identified a major pattern in technology business & economics: the pattern of commoditizing your complement, an alternative to vertical integration, where companies seek to secure a chokepoint or quasi-monopoly in products composed of many necessary & sufficient layers by dominating one layer while fostering so much competition in another layer above or below its layer that no competing monopolist can emerge, prices are driven down to marginal costs elsewhere in the stack, total price drops & increases demand, and the majority of the consumer surplus of the final product can be diverted to the quasi-monopolist. A classic example is the commodification of PC hardware by the Microsoft OS monopoly, to the detriment of IBM & benefit of MS. This pattern explains many otherwise odd or apparently self-sabotaging ventures by large tech companies into apparently irrelevant fields, such as the high rate of releasing open-source contributions by many Internet companies or the intrusion of advertising companies into smartphone manufacturing & web browser development & statistical software & fiber-optic networks & municipal WiFi & radio spectrum auctions & DNS (Google): they are pre-emptive attempts to commodify another company elsewhere in the stack, or defenses against it being done to them
economics  business  internet  gwern 
june 2018 by porejide
Notes -
a great long list of ways ordinary life has improved over the decades

riding lawn mowers are affordable & common for rural people
gwern  nice-thinking 
may 2018 by mozzarella

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