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Карта истории ГУЛАГа
Карта лагерей ГУЛАГа и их история в разные годы
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7 weeks ago by gevorg
The Cooler - Album on Imgur
These are some pictures from a building called the Cooler room, at my town's oldest prison, around the corner from our oldest solitary confinement, know as Siberia.
imgur  Russia  gulag  prison  abandonded 
july 2018 by nullsyntax
Forty-Five Things I Learned in the Gulag
«I understood that a writer has to be a foreigner in the questions he is dealing with, and if he knows his material well, he will write in such a way that nobody will understand him.»
history  russia  gulag  writers  writing  authoritarianism  politics 
june 2018 by brennen
A Diary From Inside the Gulag Meets Evil with Lightness - The New York Times
A unique chronicle written from the Gulag emerged after 70 years, requiring dogged detective work to unearth the author’s identity.
russia  stalin  gulag  resistance  nytimes  literature 
january 2018 by capcrime
Vladimir Putin Is Russia’s Marlo Stanfield - The Daily Beast
RT @Russian_Starr: My argument that Vladimir Putin is the real life Marlo Stanfield.
december 2016 by maxfenton

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