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tmux in practice: scrollback buffer –
Difference between terminal and tmux scrollback buffers. Tweak copy mode, scroll and mouse selection tmux behavior.
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5 days ago by gfarnell
Ser un anfitrión responsable en España | Airbnb

Hemos creado este artículo para ayudar a los anfitriones en Airbnb a familiarizarse con sus obligaciones y ofrecer una visión general de las diferentes leyes, normativas y prácticas recomendadas que pueden afectarles. Debes respetar nuestras normas, incluidos nuestros estándares de hospitalidad, y asegurarte de que cumples la legislación local y otras pautas que se aplican a tus circunstancias específicas en el lugar donde te encuentras, tales como nuestros estándares contra la discriminación.

Te recomendamos que investigues por tu cuenta, ya que este artículo no contiene toda la información disponible acerca de esta cuestión y no puede considerarse asesoramiento jurídico o fiscal. Ten en cuenta que no actualizamos este artículo en tiempo real, por lo que debes comprobar todas las fuentes para asegurarte de que la información proporcionada no haya cambiado recientemente.
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6 days ago by abetancort
Anfitriones Responsables | Airbnb y la AEDAF
Airbnb y la Asociación Española de Asesores Fiscales, AEDAF, colaboran para ayudar a los anfitriones responsables con sus obligaciones tributarias.

¿Cómo ser un anfitrión responsable?

Ser un buen anfitrión en Airbnb implica ciertas responsabilidades: cuidar de tu hogar, atender correctamente a tus huéspedes, respetar a tus vecinos, promover la economía local y cumplir con las obligaciones fiscales y legales.

Airbnb AEDAF

AEDAF recuerda que los anfitriones deben declarar sus ingresos y presentar las declaraciones tributarias correspondientes.
Para ayudarte a ser un anfitrión responsable, AEDAF pone a tu disposición asesores fiscales para que puedas declarar de un modo correcto tus ingresos.

AEDAF te resuelve tus dudas sobre el nuevo Real Decreto 1017/2017 que obliga a los intermediarios, incluyendo las plataformas digitales, a compartir los datos de las transacciones realizadas sobre alojamientos de uso turístico.

Resuelve tus dudas - Sesión informativa

Consulta la sesión informativa impartida por los expertos de AEDAF sobre cómo declarar tus ingresos de Airbnb.
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6 days ago by abetancort
Masking in the darkroom
A mask, in essence, is nothing more than a faint positive image of your original negative. The original could be a black & white negative or a color transparency as both work well with masking techniques.

After the making of the mask (or masks, as it is possible to use them in combinations) you will sandwich to the original together in a registration carrier and print the combination as a single print.

The first advantage is that they sharpen the original image.
Another benefit is that if properly done could change the overall contrast of the final image on the printing paper. Which could help if you have a negative with a very high contrast (caused by the time in the developer during processing) which is near impossible to burn and dodge properly.

- Unsharp Mask:
This type of mask is to add a small amount of density to the highlights which would permit your print time to increase without burning out the highlights.

- Contrast Reduction Mask:
This mask is commonly referred to as CRM mask and is self explanatory.  The area that you need to be careful about is reducing the contrast so much that the print may start to appear too flat.

-Shadow Contrast Increase Mask:
This is the sometime confused with the CRM mask. This is a different  mask and was named by Dennis McNutt. When you have a negative that is not exhibiting a sufficient amount of contrast in the shadows, you probably will want to experiment with a mask like this. Its advantage is that it alters only the overall contrast of a specific range of densities with very fine control of those specific areas and with repeatable with accuracy. In dodging and/or burning you would struggle to avoid the halo effect and repeatable prints are next to impossible.

-Highlight Mask:
I would call this mask another form of the SCIM mask. The difference is that it is designed to control or alter the contrast in the highlights of a print. Creating both this mask and the SCIM mask is a two step process.

-Fog Mask:
This mask is used to control the fogging of the paper in specific areas. As a printer you may already use paper fogging (aka flashing) to control the overall contrast of the final print. With a fog mask you can exert more control to over the specific area affected and the quantity.
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9 days ago by abetancort
Hackintosh Computer
Updated blog with current guides, articles and howto’s about hackintosh computers.
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9 days ago by abetancort

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