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Security Planner
Improve your online safety with tools for your needs. Answer a few simple questions to get personalized recommendations of free and open-source software. It's confidential -- no personal information is stored, and we won't access any of your online accounts.
security  privacy  encryption  citizenlab  guide  beginner 
18 hours ago by e2b
Design Principles
Fledgling site intended to collect (but not yet curate?) examples of design principles verbalized by sites or people who are successful.
design  guide  list  philosophy  interactive 
20 hours ago by dogrover
Design Principles
An Open Source repository of Design Principles and methods
An Open Source repository of Design Principles and methods
inspiration  design  patterns  guide  principles  styleguide  bestpractices  ui  ux  documentation 
21 hours ago by michaelfox

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