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F1 fan? Soccer fan? Here's the full blown windows version of Acestream, as a single Mac app. : mac
This is created using wine+winebottler+AceStream.exe. It's a single app, and because it requires no maintenance or any other programs (it has everything built in) it can be big. 900MB after unzip, but runs flawlessly (with the small hit in performance due to wine) on my 7 year old Macbook Air. Opens in 1 to 2 seconds.

Unlike SodaPlayer, it isn't buggy and unreliable. Unlike Windawszzz, it doesn't occupy 900 trillion GB and requires a reboot, or a VM. Also, unlike Windows, it isn't buggy and unreliable :)

This might be trivial to some, but can also be extremely helpful to others. Hopefully it helps someone.
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yesterday by ezequiel
lexmag/elixir-style-guide: An opinionated Elixir style guide
An opinionated Elixir style guide. Contribute to lexmag/elixir-style-guide development by creating an account on GitHub.
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