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Turn (almost) any Python command line program into a full GUI application with one line
Python  Command_Line  GUI  programming 
yesterday by Morrad
Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies
"Dear ImGui is a bloat-free graphical user interface library for C++. It outputs optimized vertex buffers that you can render anytime in your 3D-pipeline enabled application. It is fast, portable, renderer agnostic and self-contained (no external dependencies)."
c++  gui  programming  library  opengl 
4 days ago by pdz
A GUI Programming Benchmark
ui  gui  programming 
4 days ago by landock
dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL - Download
Download trial version of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL.
postgresql  management  gui 
4 days ago by sphere2k
The PySimpleGUI Cookbook - PySimpleGUI
Super-simple GUI to grasp... Powerfully customizable.... all on tkinter
python  gui 
5 days ago by jotjotjes
jesseduffield/lazygit: simple terminal UI for git commands
really cool git cli gui written in Go, pretty swish, I need to take a proper look at the code and have a play around with it
git  cli  gui  efficiency 
5 days ago by breyguhn

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