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Learning to program is getting harder
... because modern computers (as opposed to home computers like the C64) don't start with a commandline-based programming environment, don't come with programming environments by default and have too much information hidden behind a GUI
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8 hours ago by archangel
GUI in docker. Będę image.
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yesterday by hayzer
Home · eugenkiss/7guis Wiki
A set of generic GUI apps that can be used as benchmark implementation comparisons for different UI frameworks: counter, temp converter, flight booker, timer, CRUD, circle drawer, and cells .
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yesterday by acemarke
Scrolling with pleasure
"In this article I explain what it takes to implementing high-quality smooth / high-precision scrolling on modern computers and why some systems have it while others don’t."
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3 days ago by shello
The Real History of the GUI — SitePoint
When a lot of us hear the word "gooey," we think about sticky buns or creamy sugary fillings (yum). Others think "GUI", as in "Graphical User Interface." A GUI is what computer types call the system of icons, taskbars, and other objects that our computers use to display and access information. A few of us may wonder how the GUI came to be. We remember the halcyon days of DOS prompts and command line interactions; some of us then take an aspirin and lie down. Others continue to wonder how exactly we got from esoteric UNIX, CP/M, and DOS commands on green screens to playing with pretty pictures and colorful desktops.
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4 days ago by gwippich

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