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Mr. Peanut Now Has His Very Own Sneaker - Nerdist
Michael Jordan. Kanye. Rihanna. Marty McFly. You don’t just have to be someone special to get your own line of sneakers, you need cache and a whole lot of style. via Pocket
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5 days ago by scottpierce
SoftBank leads $200m round for India's Grofers
The funding round pushed the startup close to unicorn status.
grocery  india  ecommerce  softbank 
5 weeks ago by JINYONG86
Honestbee Left With Grocery Businesses After Axing Food Delivery, Laundry Services
It has been a period of calamity for rising Singaporean tech star Honestbee. Founded as an online grocery and food delivery service, Honestbee had since expanded into courier and laundry services, and into key markets in Asia: including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangkok, Philippines and Japan Habitat by Honestbee, a physical grocery and...

The post Honestbee Left With Grocery Businesses After Axing Food Delivery, Laundry Services appeared first on .
Honestbee  Left  With  Grocery  Businesses  After  Axing  Food  Delivery  Laundry  Services 
5 weeks ago by vrzone

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