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GitHub - grin-tech/grin: GRIN is a compiler back-end for lazy and strict functional languages with whole program optimization support
GRIN is a compiler back-end for lazy and strict functional languages with whole program optimization support - grin-tech/grin
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23 days ago by kkourt
MimbleWimble/Grin – BlockCypher Blog
Imagine what a universally accessible, private, scalable and fungible digital coin could do. Since Grin’s introduction, its developers have enabled capabilities such as Lightning, Schnorr signatures, bulletproofs, Dandelion relay, “scriptless scripting”, and atomic swaps. All these greatly increase the probability of the Grin blockchain being able to address a multitude of use cases that have not been possible with the existing set of blockchains. At the very least, Grin coin may actually fulfill the promise of digital cash.
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4 weeks ago by zhumink
mcdallas/gringotts: The Grin Wizard Bank
The Grin Wizard Bank. Contribute to mcdallas/gringotts development by creating an account on GitHub.
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november 2018 by orlin

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