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How Do You Husband?
[demondetox] Planning a wedding is supposed to be exciting and joyous, but there isn't much that's ever going to be easy and without heartbreak when it comes to Jared and Jensen. But when Jensen is faced with reality and almost loses Jared he's receiving the wake-up-call from above he didn't know he was waiting for. (Stay 5)
AU:Kid-fic  pairing:Jensen/Jared  angst  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  coach!Jensen  daddy/guardian!Jared  hurt!Jared  grieving!Jensen  protective!Jensen  realtor!Jared  sick!Jared  widower!Jensen  verse:Stay  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:5K-10K 
june 2019 by casey679
Lord of the... Wait, What?
[demondetox] Jensen is still in love with Jared, Jared is still in love with Jensen - which leaves TJ to be still the voice of reason and shit's getting real. We've got sexy times, Frodo, potatoes, a ring and some hurt because I can't go without it. (Stay 4)
AU:Kid-fic  pairing:Jensen/Jared  angst  bottom!Jared  coach!Jensen  daddy/guardian!Jared  daddy/guardian!Jensen  grieving!Jensen  realtor!Jared  widower!Jensen  verse:Stay  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:10K-15K 
june 2019 by casey679
Promising Future
[demondetox] Jared had always been against dating; too afraid he isn't good enough for anyone and it was Chad who told him that not every guy is the same and that Jared would definitely find his perfect match. If Chad had known how wrong he was he would have talked Jared out of dating Jensen. It is too late now. What's done is done. But Chad will be damned if he doesn't give everything to help his best friend. (Stay 3)
AU:Kid-fic  pairing:Jensen/Jared  awesome!Chad  angst  bottom!Jared  coach!Jensen  daddy/guardian!Jared  godfather!Chad  grieving!Jensen  protective!Chad  realtor!Jared  widower!Jensen  verse:Stay  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:5K-10K 
june 2019 by casey679
Sons and Lovers by BronteLover
When Jensen is thirteen his mother remarries Jared and Jensen immediately knows that he and Jared are supposed to be mates, but he hides it in order to not hurt his mother. When Jensen goes into heat unexpectantly because of a personal tragedy, he and Jared can no longer avoid their need for one another. Words:4273.
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  alpha/beta/omega  mating  grieving!jensen  omega!jensen  alpha!jared  stepdad!jared  stepson!jensen  first-time  heat!fic  daddy!kink  oneshot 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
This Little Corner of Heaven by choccyprofit // MAINBLOGREC
Dr Jensen Ackles is a lonely widower and workaholic who has little sympathy for the homeless. So when Jared, the young homeless kid who broke into his house last night, shows up in the ER, sick and critically injured, will the good doctor bring his work home with him? Words: 25,751
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  meet-as-strangers  doctor!jensen  angst  hurt!jared  bottom!jared  homeless!jared  protective!jensen  abused!jared  author:choccyprofit  past-tragedy  grieving!jensen  rape/noncon  tortured!jared  mugging  raped!jared  place:hospital  hungry!jared  character:misha-collins  friend!misha  character:christian-kane  bad-guy:omc  character:steve-carlson  chris/steve  dyslexic!jared  baby-boy  schmoop  widower!jensen  loner!jensen  hospital!jared  hurt/comfort  moving-in-together  rating:R  20k  all-human  T  haveread  recced  patient!jared  doctor/patient 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Where the Love Light Beams by Saklani // MAINBLOGREC
Jared is a man without a home, just searching for a place to spend a cold night. Jensen is a farmer, living alone after losing his long-time partner. But when they meet one December day, they may have each found the best possible gift for Christmas. Word Count: 17,737.
jared/jensen  rps  au  rating:nc-17  author:saklani  homeless!jared  post-wwi  farmer!jensen  historical  christmas  pets  place:ranch  loner!jensen  meet-as-strangers  past-tragedy  grieving!jared  grieving!jensen  protective!jared  homophobia  virgin!jared  cuddling  first-kiss  emotional-hurt/comfort  clueless!jared  kink:frottage  glasses!jensen  handjob  praise!kink  kink:nipple-play  blowjob  schmoop  W  haveread  recced  favorite  dogs  10k  widower!jensen  insecure!jared  first-time  no-sex  jensen-teaching-jared 
august 2016 by mountainstomove
Through the darkness, into the light by Nuwanda // WIP
A traumatic experience leaves Jensen scared and broken and he flees from his old life, his job, family and friends, to chance a new beginning in a different town. When he moves into his new apartment he is falling head over heals with Jared, his gorgeous, next-door neighbour. As the immediate bond between them changes into something more, Jensen finds himself trapped between the demons of his past and his hope for a future together with Jared. Now, he needs to find the strength to step out of the shadows and grab his chance at happiness. Word count: 90,562.
author.nuwanda  wip  toread  past-tragedy  jared/jensen  rps  au  hurt!jensen  neighbors  meet-as-strangers  fresh-start  bigbang  90k  grieving!jensen  sinful-desire 
may 2016 by mountainstomove
Somewhere With You
[JillMarie] Ever since his divorce became public, Jared can't go anywhere without the paparazzi hounding him. The scandals surrounding his marriage to Wall Street mogul Tom Welling swirl out of control, leaving Jared desperate to shield his young daughter from the media. When he flees with his daughter to a small town on the Florida coast, Jared is forced to rely on the kindness of a stranger. Four years ago, Jensen Ackles had everything he ever wanted – a partner and an infant son. But when that perfect life was torn from him, he vowed never to let anyone close again. Now, he spends his life traveling to scenes of natural disasters and helping those who can't help themselves. The last thing he needs after another exhausting mission is to find a stranger sleeping in his bed. He most definitely doesn't need to hear the Frozen soundtrack again.
AU:Kid-fic  AU:Wealth-&-Power  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Jared/Tom  angst  asshole!Tom  bottom!Jared  daddy/guardian!Jared  divorced!Jared  grieving!Jensen  librarian!Jared  programmer!Jared  protective!Genevieve  protective!Jensen  rescuer!Jensen  rich!Jared  romantic  sex-tape!Jared  widower!Jensen  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:25K-50K 
december 2015 by casey679
Face Your Fear
[BflyW] Jensen is a widower with a young child. When his wife dies, his friend Jared helps him out with his daughter. This is a story though a journey of faith, loyalty, strength, braveness and honesty. Threading the fine lines of doing what’s right for you and considering other people’s needs are often difficult, and sometimes life takes a turn to the left and makes it impossible.
AU:Kid-fic  pairing:Jensen/Danneel  pairing:Jensen/Jared  angst  awesome!Chad  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  childcare!Jared  closeted!Jensen  daddy/guardian!Jensen  grieving!Jensen  protective!Chad  protective!Chris  widower!Jensen  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:25K-50K 
july 2015 by casey679
Pages Turn
[theron09] When Jensen Ackles – artist, bookworm and attempted ex-smoker – moves into a new area, finding a bookstore is his top priority. Soon enough, he ends up spending most of his time in one particular store, with one particular member of staff: a man named Jared. But for someone who, since the death of his brother, seems to end every social occasion sitting outside on his own, Jared is a scary prospect and Jensen has to work out whether it’s a risk worth taking.
AU:Bookstore  pairing:Jensen/Jared  A+parenting:Ackles  angst  artist!Jensen  bookstore!Jared  bottom!Jensen  closeted!Jensen  grieving!Jensen  protective!Chris  protective!Jared  romantic  shy/insecure!Jensen  sick!Jared  tw:prejudice/discrimination  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:20K-25K 
march 2015 by casey679
Stay (verse)
[demondetox] Jared is a devoted dad, first and foremost. A night out's something long overdue in his agenda, and that's exactly when he ends up in a club where he meets a guy who tickles his fancy. Probably more than he'd like to admit. Probably, maybe. But he can't stay. (Master Post)
AU:Kid-fic  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Jared/OMC(s)  A+parenting:Padalecki  angst  awesome!Chad  bartender!Chris  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  coach!Jensen  daddy/guardian!Jared  daddy/guardian!Jensen  godfather!Chad  grieving!Jensen  kink:face-fucking  kink:somnophilia  mpreg!Jared  protective!Chad  realtor!Jared  trope:love-at-first-fuck  widower!Jensen  verse:Stay  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:50K-75K 
february 2015 by casey679
Eventing AU
Jensen Ackles is a horse trainer in an eventing barn. When Jared Padalecki's little sister decides that she'd like an eventing horse, fate brings the Padaleckis (and their trainer, Jeff Morgan) into Jensen's life. Will he ever be able to get them out? Will he want to?
supernatural!rps  slowbuildup  au  eventing!au  jeffrey/jensen/jared  steve/jensen  grieving!jensen 
april 2009 by castalie

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10k  20k  90k  a+parenting:ackles  a+parenting:padalecki  abused!jared  all-human  alpha!jared  alpha/beta/omega  angst  ao3  artist!jensen  asshole!tom  au  au:blue-collar-boys  au:bookstore  au:doctors-&-hospitals  au:kid-fic  au:wealth-&-power  author.nuwanda  author:choccyprofit  author:saklani  awesome!chad  baby-boy  bad-guy:omc  bartender!chris  bigbang  blowjob  bookstore!jared  bottom!jared  bottom!jensen  character:christian-kane  character:misha-collins  character:steve-carlson  childcare!jared  chris/steve  christmas  closeted!jensen  clueless!jared  coach!jensen  comatose!jason  cuddling  daddy!kink  daddy/guardian!jared  daddy/guardian!jensen  depressed!jared  divorced!jared  doctor!jdm  doctor!jensen  doctor/patient  dogs  dyslexic!jared  emotional-hurt/comfort  eventing!au  fandom:supernatural-rpf  farmer!jensen  favorite  firefighter!aldis  firefighter!danneel  firefighter!genevieve  firefighter!jared  firefighter!mike  firefighter!steve  firefighter!tom  first-kiss  first-time  fresh-start  friend!misha  glasses!jensen  godfather!chad  grieving!jared  handjob  haveread  heat!fic  historical  homeless!jared  homophobia  hospital!jared  hungry!jared  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  hurt/comfort  insecure!jared  jared/jensen  jeffrey/jensen/jared  jensen-teaching-jared  kink:face-fucking  kink:frottage  kink:hair-pulling  kink:nipple-play  kink:somnophilia  length:10k-15k  length:15k-20k  length:20k-25k  length:25k-50k  length:50k-75k  length:5k-10k  librarian!jared  livejournal  loner!jensen  mating  meet-as-strangers  moving-in-together  mpreg!jared  mugging  neighbors  no-sex  nurse!chad  nurse!chris  nurse!jensen  omega!jensen  oneshot  pairing:chris/steve  pairing:jared/omc(s)  pairing:jared/tom  pairing:jensen/danneel  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  past-tragedy  patient!jared  pets  place:hospital  place:ranch  post-wwi  praise!kink  programmer!jared  protective!chad  protective!chris  protective!genevieve  protective!jared  protective!jensen  protective!steve  ptsd!jared  rape/noncon  raped!jared  rating:nc-17  rating:r  realtor!jared  recced  rescuer!jensen  rich!jared  romantic  rps  schmoop  sex-tape!jared  shy/insecure!jensen  sick!jared  sinful-desire  slowbuildup  stepdad!jared  stepson!jensen  steve/jensen  supernatural!rps  t  toread  tortured!jared  trope:love-at-first-fuck  tw:prejudice/discrimination  tw:suicide  verse:stay  veteran!jdm  virgin!jared  w  widower!jared  widower!jensen  wip 

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