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To clarify, the programme is called , the co-design portion of it was .

Info on the p…
GreenHouse  CreatingOurFuture  from twitter
5 days ago by chrisdymond
18 months ago the National Housing Federation (⁦) launched a programme called to⁩ co-create…
GreenHouse  from twitter
5 days ago by chrisdymond
Fate of bill to require greenhouse gas study of CMP project in question -
The Maine House gave initial approval Thursday to a bill that would require a comprehensive analysis of how Central Maine Power’s transmission line proposal would impact greenhouse gas emissions in New England and Canada.
centralmaine  cmp  Hydro-Quebec  greenhouse  gas  emissions  study 
23 days ago by eversourcenh
FERC climate policy on gas projects stands after court drops case based on standing | S&P Global Platts
A federal court dismissed a widely supported challenge to the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's decision to limit its analysis of greenhouse gas emissions tied to natural gas infrastructure projects.
S&PGlobal  ferc  greenhouse  gas  emissions  study 
5 weeks ago by eversourcenh
A greenhouse we build two years ago from old windows and doors : gardening
A place for the best guides, pictures, and discussions of all things related to plants and their care.
greenhouse  diy 
6 weeks ago by aliksd
Spaceplates Greenhouse
The SPACEPLATES GREENHOUSE is a greenhouse version of new building system developed by N55 in collaboration with Anne Romme. The SPACEPLATES building system is a result of an ongoing research project into the use of "pure plate structures" The SPACEPLATES building system is a light weight, minimal material, low cost system that enables persons to build any scale of structures shaped as approximated doubly curved surfaces in a statically well defined way customized for living purposes, production purposes etc.
greenhouse  architecture  cool 
8 weeks ago by fogfish

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