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Working With Neo4j Date And Spatial Types In A React.js App
Neo4j 3.4 includes support for new spatial and temporal functionality, including Point and Date types, and indexes that enable querying using those types. I thought it would be fun to build a simple…
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3 hours ago by lenciel
How to GraphQL
The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL
graphql  tutorial  api  react  dev  via:popular 
yesterday by chrismasters
At Prisma, we strongly believe that the tools we're using as developers should not only get the job done, but actually be delightful and fun to use. Therefore, leveraging GraphQL to provide a great developer experience is at the core of our mission.
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yesterday by kogakure
GraphQL + Typescript: Strongly Typed API Responses – Brett Jurgens – Medium
Over at Avant, I’ve been working on removing some of our internal tools from our existing monolithic Rails application and putting them into services. In the early stages of the move, we decided on…
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yesterday by kensnyder

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