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Ministry As A Design Metaphor - Print Magazine
Like good designers, we wanted to play with the exhibition’s formats and rules a bit. It probably helps that the three artistic directors—Na Kim, Prem Krishnamurthy and myself—all have practices that are outside of a linear design career and hard to define. I am a graphic designer, visual anthropologist, and professor interested in the overlap of exhibition design and cultural representation, both in research and practice; I’m also heavily invested in developing new, interdisciplinary pedagogical models. Na Kim’s practice moves between commissioned graphic design projects, elaborate spatial and performative installations, as well as in-depth editorial and curatorial collaborations. Prem Krishnamurthy is a bit of a polymath, weaving together curating, design, writing, and exhibition making with a particular experimental take on how they are all connected.

We wanted this Biennial to present graphic design that didn’t necessarily look or function like typical graphic design. There are a range of practitioners all over the world who engage in the design discipline in decidedly experimental and unexpected ways, but who don’t show up on the graphic design festival circuit. Inviting such practices seemed much more interesting to us than “surveying” the state of contemporary graphic design. We also avoided making an exhibition that only looked at the medium of design itself. Rather, it was more exciting to ask how can graphic design can be a lens to look at the world at large. Finally, we wanted to have a global reach but also be rooted in local and regional communities. As such, we included mostly independent projects, from over 40 hybrid practitioners and initiatives from over 20 countries, including the UAE and the Middle East.
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46 minutes ago by jarrettfuller
Women Make Up Over Half the Design Industry—So Why Are There So Few at the Top?
According to the 2019 AIGA Design Census, 61% of designers working today are women. The rate of female creative directors across the industry rose from 3% in 2008 to 29% today. While this number of women in leadership positions is certainly not the end goal, it indicates a positive momentum and genuine sense of progress. And with more than half of the industry being women, the chance to effect change is even more significant.

It’s even more encouraging to look at the number of women graduating with advanced degrees in graphic design. According to the U.S. Department of Education, more than 60% of graduate graphic design degrees go to women (by contrast, it’s estimated that fewer than 50% of MBA students are women). However, this highlights the stark contrast between women in school and women in C-Suite positions. Why do these high numbers of female grads and working designers start to taper off the closer you get to the top?
eyeondesign  graphicdesign  feminism 
4 days ago by jarrettfuller
WARP - Abstracting Reality: The Future Worlds of Daito Manabe
While the technology he uses has become more sophisticated, Manabe has continued to focus his work on the interface between the human body and machines. He has worked with some of the music world’s keenest futurists including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Björk, Nosaj Thing, FaltyDL and Squarepusher. He has also created campaigns for major brands and designed a live AR performance watched by millions at the 2016 Olympics closing ceremony in Rio De Janeiro.
graphicdesign  video  motiongraphics  newmedia  japan  virtualworld  daitomanabe  visualization 
6 days ago by toastednut
First-Hand:Early Digital Art At Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc - Engineering and Technology History Wiki
A colleague (Elwyn Berlekamp) had a programming error that produced a graphic mess on the plotter, which he comically called “computer art.”
digitalart  computing_history  error  criticalcode  art  algorithm  graphicdesign  programming 
7 days ago by rachaelsullivan
See famous logos get reimagined for the coronavirus age – Fast Company
“I tried to find something in every brand that communicates perfectly in normal circumstances, but is wrong in these difficult times—mermaid without a mask, Nike telling us to simply do it, Mastercard circles overlapping,” Tovrljan explains over email. “If you turn it completely around, it becomes even more powerful.”
coronavirus  logo  graphicdesign  design  branding  marketing 
9 days ago by terry

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