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openCypher · openCypher
The openCypher project aims to deliver a full and open specification of the industry’s most widely adopted graph database query language: Cypher.
graph  database  language  cypher 
yesterday by wjy
Redis Graph - a graph database module for Redis
RedisGraph is the first queryable property graph database to use sparse adjacency matrices and linear algebra to represent and query graphs.
graph  redis  database  db 
yesterday by wjy
[1806.01261] Relational inductive biases, deep learning, and graph networks
Artificial intelligence (AI) has undergone a renaissance recently, making major progress in key domains such as vision, language, control, and decision-making. This has been due, in part, to cheap data and cheap compute resources, which have fit the natural strengths of deep learning. However, many defining characteristics of human intelligence, which developed under much different pressures, remain out of reach for current approaches. In particular, generalizing beyond one's experiences--a hallmark of human intelligence from infancy--remains a formidable challenge for modern AI.
The following is part position paper, part review, and part unification. We argue that combinatorial generalization must be a top priority for AI to achieve human-like abilities, and that structured representations and computations are key to realizing this objective. Just as biology uses nature and nurture cooperatively, we reject the false choice between "hand-engineering" and "end-to-end" learning, and instead advocate for an approach which benefits from their complementary strengths. We explore how using relational inductive biases within deep learning architectures can facilitate learning about entities, relations, and rules for composing them. We present a new building block for the AI toolkit with a strong relational inductive bias--the graph network--which generalizes and extends various approaches for neural networks that operate on graphs, and provides a straightforward interface for manipulating structured knowledge and producing structured behaviors. We discuss how graph networks can support relational reasoning and combinatorial generalization, laying the foundation for more sophisticated, interpretable, and flexible patterns of reasoning. As a companion to this paper, we have released an open-source software library for building graph networks, with demonstrations of how to use them in practice.
ai  deep-learning  graph 
3 days ago by arsyed
Apparatus: A hybrid graphics editor and programming environment for creating interactive diagrams
Apparatus is a hybrid graphics editor and programming environment for creating interactive diagrams.

The Apparatus Editor runs in the browser and interactive diagrams created with Apparatus can be shared and embedded on the web (coming soon).

Apparatus is free, open-source software, under development on GitHub.
diagram  visualization  graph  web 
6 days ago by dusko
gpic Manual
This manual page describes the GNU version of pic, which is part of the groff document formatting system. pic compiles descriptions of pic- tures embedded within troff or TeX input files into commands that are understood by TeX or troff. Each picture starts with a line beginning with .PS and ends with a line beginning with .PE. Anything outside of .PS and .PE is passed through without change. It is the user's responsibility to provide appropriate definitions of the PS and PE macros. When the macro package being used does not sup- ply such definitions (for example, old versions of -ms), appropriate definitions can be obtained with -mpic: These will center each picture.
pictures  diagram  graph  terminal  documentation 
6 days ago by dusko

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