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Author discusses his new book about landing grants in the humanities and social sciences
Professor discusses new book about finding the funds to do your project and advance your career.
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4 days ago by kbrobeck
GitHub - nayafia/microgrants: A list of microgrant programs for your good ideas
A list of microgrant programs for your good ideas. Contribute to nayafia/microgrants development by creating an account on GitHub.
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14 days ago by trevormeier
RT : "Reporters in the Field" by & offers up to 8,000€ to international teams in w…
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19 days ago by sdp
The rise of the student worker | Red Pepper
The marketisation of universities and privatisation of the students’ social reproduction has broken the walls separating the university as an academically oriented space that is partially autonomous from the demands of capital. From setting foot on campus to taking a loan to finding place to live, students today cannot escape their forcible integration into international capital’s search for investment returns in an increasingly volatile market.
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28 days ago by petej

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